Spring 2017 Social Media Update

The Biggest Social Media Updates Of 2017 You Need To Know

Not a week passes by without a new feature or update being released on one of the social media platforms you use. It can be challenging to keep up with them so we have compiled the ones most likely to impact your marketing and provided tips on how you can make the most of them just in time for the holiday season.
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Augmented Reality the New Solution to Search Marketing

Remember when your mother used to yell at you for sitting too close to the television screen?

You should only hope that you will never encounter her reaction to the current onslaught of virtual reality headsets bursting onto the tech scene. The Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Samsung Gear are just a few of the virtual reality consoles jamming players faces right into a digital screen presenting a world other to their own. Unfortunately, Mums around the world are simply going to have to face the fact that the next generation of devices will only further enhance digital proximity.

People’s livelihoods are increasingly dominated by the screens that surround them. Advancements in virtual and augmented reality only bring humanity one step closer to viewing life through the interfaces of these screens.

So why does any of this matter and how is it relevant to search marketing? We’ll start by covering the change in search capabilities over the years, then look at the rise of augmented reality and its influence within search. When you’re done reading this article, you will understand the potential for augmented reality search marketing to become ubiquitous in our very near future.

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Google Is Now Charging GST On AdWords – What Does This Mean For You?

As a topic of discussion over the past few years, it’s finally happening. As of November 1, Google will be charging GST on all AdWords spend. For small to medium sized businesses, this means that advertisers will need to fork out an additional 10% of their media budget to go towards tax.

So why hasn’t this happened before, and why does it need to occur now?
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Google Experiments With Moving Google My Business Listings To The Top Of Search Results

It appears that Google is currently in the works of testing a new layout where Google My Business listings appear at the top left of the search results, instead of in the traditional top right hand side location.

The following screenshot was taken yesterday when searching in the Chrome browser on desktop for the brand name of our client PP Wholesale.
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Advertising and Ad-blockers: The Tales of an Online War

My brother and I are huge fans of Game of Thrones. Yes, forgive us, our taste in TV entertainment isn’t particularly unique, but nevertheless we were jittery with anticipation for the release of the season 6 trailer earlier this year. One day whilst scrolling through my Facebook feed, the YouTube trailer pops up and I waste no time in racing to my brother, laptop in hand. He excitedly clicks on the link and, as usual, a commercial starts playing before the video. I wait patiently, but he rolls his eyes in exasperation.

“Typical,” he says, “Obviously someone as technologically illiterate as you, doesn’t have an ad-blocker installed.”

Now two things spring to mind. Firstly, I don’t take very well to being referred to as digitally un-savvy given that I just so happen to work exactly in that field. But secondly, and more worryingly, he has a point. How hadn’t I come across this phenomenon before?
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Programmatic Advertising


Programmatic Advertising is quickly taking over both the digital, and traditional marketing channels in a monumental shift of advertising budgets.

This multi-billion dollar trend has spawned a frenzy of articles and guides aiming at explaining this emerging discipline.

But here is the problem: programmatic advertising remains very complicated and confusing.

So with this post I’ve aimed to create a comprehensive but still digestible guide that demystifies the topic.

I will explain programmatic advertising in the simplest possible terms, while also providing you with the knowledge you need to impress even the most discerning  dinner party companions.
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Digital Marketing in Autonomous Vehicles

You won’t automatically turn into Will Smith from iRobot, Tom Cruise from the Minority Report, nor will you start seeing Lightning McQueen cruising the streets. What you can expect however, is a self-driving car that will gift you ‘time’. Time is the highly palatable by-product of what self-driving cars, or autonomous vehicles will offer users.

As an aside, see if you can count the total number of movie references throughout this content piece.
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Top 10 Digital Marketing Trends in 2016

The only constant in the world of digital marketing is change.

Competition is heating up as billions of dollars in marketing budgets accelerate the shift to online channels, generating increased demand for limited inventory. New never before seen job roles like “growth hacker” are being created to help manage increasingly large investments. Powerful tools have emerged to help “make life easier”, each with a steep learning curve before they start delivering dividends.

As these new technologies are born, old techniques will die.

2016 is a year of remarkable opportunity for those who choose to embrace this change. It will also mark the end of the road for those who refuse to adapt.

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Simple hack to get more Google reviews

Acquiring high quality reviews on your Google My Business page is extremely important for a number of reasons including:

  • Reviews are a strong signal to Google which will improve your organic search rankings
  • Positive reviews will help you get in the top three local results (snack pack)
  • Reviews provide social proof and build trust amongst consumers
  • Consumers will be more likely to contact a business that has more positive reviews

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Agile Marketing – The Changing Beast

Business is a changing beast. The rules change, the enemy changes, and the environment changes. Constantly, abruptly, and decisively. And so, it follows that marketing must also be a changing beast, adapting to the changing circumstances if it is to stay relevant, leverage new opportunities, and help the business become its very best.

It’s for this reason that marketing is best delivered using an agile process.

Applying agile methodology to marketing endeavours isn’t common practice; I often get asked by marketing managers if we can create a 12 month marketing plan for their business. It’s a noble thought in some ways [Read more…]