Privacy Policy

At Living Online we believe your personal information should remain protected and safe from misuse. As a part of the function of our business, we will be required to collect and share some data with relevant parties. For example, we may share your business contact information with a prospective client that we have referred to your business. In this event, we would not share any information about your business or contact information that we would deem to be sensitive information or private. Common sense is our core watchword and we pride ourselves on understanding you and your business and your demand for privacy.

Personal Information

As with most web sites, we collect and review information provided to us as a result of browsing the site and finding it on the internet. This information includes but is not limited to IP address, browser type, referring page, page visit times and computer operating system. This information is used to continually improve our website and services to you. We will share this information with other businesses as we see fit, but will not submit personally identifying information about you in this case.

There are other cases where we will disclose your personal information.

a) When required by law to comply with court orders or police investigations

b) When we need to protect our rights or income or we reasonably believe that it is in the best interests of other user’s rights

c) If all or part of Living Online is sold to or merged with another company.

d) Any third party that you have consented to having your personal information.

Unsolicited Mail

Living Online will never send you unsolicited mail asking for a site password.

Living Online will not submit your contact information to a spam list, and we will not forward your contact information to anybody we have good reason to believe, intends to submit or use your contact information in a spam list.

Any complaints regarding users or service providers who misuse your personal information on this site or any child site will be dealt with accordingly. Anybody we deal with who is found using your personal information for spam or other inappropriate purpose will be both

a) Suspended from all trade with our business, and use of our website

b) Information may be reported to appropriate authorities (ie. Police, Commerce Chambers etc)

Information regarding our agreements

Unless specifically stated, almost all agreements and transactions that take part between Living Online and you are done in the strictest of confidence. For either us or you to discuss the specifics of our business relationship outside the relationship can be viewed as a breach of confidentiality, and a breach of contract if one should have been signed at this stage.

This Privacy Policy may change from time to time. You should check back and read this privacy policy periodically for changes to how we handle your Personal Information. Your continued use of this website indicated your acceptance of the new Privacy Policy.

Living Online welcomes feedback of all kinds on this site and the business conducted as a result of this site. Please email us at with any concerns, questions, or comments you may have about the running of this site.