Case Study

Zanda Architectural Hardware

Using a strategic marketing approach, Living Online implemented a multi-channel digital marketing strategy to strongly position this national manufacturer in their B2B market and add value for their Distributors.

  • 30 %

    Returning Visitors

    Returning users increased 30%, indicating B2B market growth.

  • 51 %

    Goal Completions

    Monthly goal completions increased 51% year on year.

  • 1573 %


    ROAS is up due to a unique online distributor-focused sales approach.

Zanda Architectural Hardware

The Client

Zanda Architectural Hardware is the industry preferred supplier of superior, high end architectural door hardware. The exclusive range includes door handles, entrance pull handles, sliding door hardware, door hinges, door bolts, door closers, kitchen cabinet handles, door locks, latches, and entrance kits.


The Challenge

Zanda recognised that the changing market necessitated a stronger online strategy. Living Online provided strategic marketing analysis and direction to identify the following opportunities:

  • Targeting: The current website and digital marketing was attracting and retaining B2C end consumers rather than the desired B2B target audiences.
  • Positioning: Digital marketing was not clearly targeted with strong positioning messages.
  • Conversion Optimisation: Conversions were lost at the specifying stage on the website and reliant on the user following up.
  • UX: Website content was sparse on product pages and didn’t address each market segment’s unique needs.


The Objectives

The number one objective was to position Zanda as the industry’s first choice for door hardware supply, and deliver the value-add to the market to support the claim.

  • Distributors/Resellers: Providing online lead generation (from trade and consumers) and value add tools.
  • Specifiers (Builders, Architects & Designers): Add functionality to the specifying process by also offering online ordering with their chosen Distributor.
  • End Users: Strengthen the online presence and brand recognition of Zanda as the industry’s first choice for door hardware supply.

The Solution

A Strong B2B marketing strategy was implemented to claim the place of the industry’s first choice for door hardware supply.

Digital Marketing Strategy

A strategic Market Analysis revealed a competitive gap in the market and an opportunity for Zanda to claim a strong brand position.

A Positioning Strategy was developed with buyer personas and key messaging focusing on brand strengths, value propositions, and customer intent.

Website content and functionality was assessed in this new model, and new capabilities and copy developed.

zanda case study


In early June 2019, new copy was implemented on major pages of the website (Homepage, Category Pages, Products Page and Information Pages). Onsite SEO optimisation was performed to send clear signals to Google as well as reinforce key messages.

As a result, Zanda was appearing for more organic search words in Google and other search engines, which heavily contributed to the 51% year on year increase in monthly goal completions.

New copy and SEO implemented in June 2019 resulted in unprecedented organic search traffic and rankings growth.
organic keyword trends - Zanda case study

Google Ads

Google Ads were updated with “order online” CTAs and market positioning statements. Audience bid adjustments were added to specifier markets (ie. Architectural Services, Door & Window Installation, etc).

This allowed Zanda to attract more qualified website visitors through the compelling Google Ads campaigns, as well as reinforce their brand positioning.

The market responded well with the Google Ads conversion rate increasing 20% year on year. The Google Ads audience targeting with bid adjustments also brought success in attracting specifier and industry markets.

zanda case study

Added eCommerce Functionality

New eCommerce functionality was added to the site, leading the customer through the sales funnel and order stage to their chosen distributor. The distributor then completes the transaction with the customer by phone or in-store.

During an 8 month period, there were 158 orders placed which represents the additional sales driven directly to the distributor network.

Online revenue went through the roof, with no additional ad spend required.
total ad spend and revenue

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The Result

Zanda Architectural Hardware experienced an unprecedented increase in users and sessions, particularly their target market. They saw phenomenal SEO traffic and conversion growth, and their ROI increased considerably through the new eCommerce functionality added to the site.

  • 30%

    Returning Visitors

    Returning users increased 30%, indicating B2B market growth since B2C visitors are mostly one time customers.

  • 51%

    Goal Completions

    Monthly Goal Completions increased 51% year on year, primarily driven by Organic Search.

  • 1573%


    A unique online sales approach has Zanda now driving sales directly to their Distributors.

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