Case Study

Strategic Property Group

The webinar series performed well above Strategic Property Group’s expectations, exceeding goal targets and yielding an unexpected rise in non-primary goals like email subscriptions.

  • 400

    Webinar Attendants

    Over 800 registrants, more than 400 attendants, and still growing.

  • 260 %


    The webinars fuelled the highest number of consultations in a month.

  • 117 %

    Database Contacts

    Webinar registrations doubled the email database in just 40 days.

Strategic Property Group

The Client

Strategic Property Group (SPG) is a full-service property investment advisory, focused on subdivision property development in WA. Owner and Managing Director, Trent Fleskens, is driven to assist clients to find profitable investment opportunities.

Unlike other property investment advisories, Strategic Property Group offers a suite of client services to streamline the property development journey. This includes Strategic Settlements, Strategic Mortgages Perth, buyers agents, surveying, and subdivision consultancy – the primary focus of the business.

The subdivision consultancy arm of the business helps customers identify profitable subdivision strategies and project manage the development.

The Challenge

Strategic Property Group was successfully running property development workshops to generate leads and build a highly-engaged database, but COVID-19 restrictions had forced the cancellation of all events and severed SPG’s lead funnel. Without the events, there was no longer a magnet to attract “warm” leads and the long term impact on revenue could be severe.

Trent was reluctant to take the entire workshop online amidst concerns it wouldn’t provide the level of engagement and personal learning that attendees enjoy at the workshops. He was also hesitant to move his presentation and workbooks online, to avoid competitors gaining access and stealing the material.

For a new digital marketing channel to be effective as an ongoing solution, it would need to produce a similar number of attendees and cost per acquisition (CPA) as the workshops. It would also need to attract the target audience and provide enough audience data for Trent to identify and nurture potential clients.

The Objectives

  • Create a webinar series that would continue to add prospects to the top and middle of the funnel during COVID restrictions.
  • Achieve enough webinar registrations and attendance of the target audience to justify the marketing costs.
  • Identify the highest value prospects from the webinar attendees.
  • Ongoing nurturing and engagement of the webinar database.

The Solution

The COVID-19 restrictions had created a unique situation that gave people more time to undertake online learning. To capitalise on this, Trent would host a free webinar offering valuable insights to his target audience, attracting new leads at the top and middle of his sales funnel.

To ensure efficiency, agility, and effectiveness, Trent partnered with Living Online’s experienced digital marketing consultants who understood the right webinar strategies to implement depending on the webinar topic, target market, and objectives.

Living Online created an integrated digital marketing strategy that was executed before, during, and after the webinar to attract the right target audience to register, attend, and engage with the webinar, at a desirable CPA.

Following the first webinar, we took the learnings to create a successful formula for attendance and engagement of the target audience, that would allow us to scale from one webinar to a series of webinars that would continue to nurture the highly qualified prospects into becoming clients.

Results-Driven Strategy

What we did: Digital Marketing Strategy, Market Research

For each webinar, we identified the goals before deciding on the topic. This gave us clarity with every step of the process and reduced inefficiency – which is highly valuable on a tight budget.

Rather than attempt to attract all people with varying levels of interest in property development, we chose to create multiple webinars that were targeted to audiences at different stages of the lead process.

By creating niche content and advertising, we were able to increase the conversion rate and attendance rate. This strategy would also allow us to market to previous webinar attendees at a lower CPA.

The outcome

  • Over 800 webinar registrations
  • Over 400 webinar attendees
  • 50% attendance rate
  • 39% webinar reattendance rate (attended multiple webinars)

Designing for Webinar Conversions

What we did: Website Design, Conversion Rate Optimisation, Content Marketing, Platform Integration, Database Management

Before launching the webinar, we implemented data tracking, tagging, and segmentation to ensure all user activity was recorded, utilised across marketing channels, and able to be analysed. This enabled targeted messaging for audience segments and optimisation for responsive markets.

Rather than use the webinar platform to collect registrations, we created custom webinar registration forms that were embedded in the website. This allowed us to increase the remarketing audience, track registrations, and enhance the effectiveness of marketing communications.

To improve conversion rates, each webinar had a website landing page dedicated to highlighting the benefits of attending with language that resonated with the target audience.

Conversion rate optimisation design strategies included strong call-to-actions on the landing pages, with mobile responsive designs used to facilitate mobile registrations.

The outcome

  • 117% increase in database contacts
  • 37% registration rate (landing page view to registration)
  • Over 70% of registrations from mobile devices
  • 79% increase in remarketing audience

Attracting Webinar Registrations

What we did: Social Media Marketing, Graphic Design, Email Marketing, Event Marketing, Remarketing

After identifying the best digital marketing services to drive the highest number of attendees at the lowest cost, we got to work. Facebook advertising audiences were segmented, based on interests and previous activity, and multiple creatives were used to enable targeted messaging for each segment. Facebook conversion tracking allowed us to identify high-performing combinations of segment and creative, and optimise for increased conversion rate, resulting in a reduced CPA.

As people registered for webinars, they were removed from Facebook targeting, improving the effectiveness of the campaign overall, reducing budget wastage, and reducing audience saturation.

Email marketing campaigns were employed in the lead up to the webinars. Audience data was used to change the messaging for registered vs non-registered contacts for higher relevancy.

Throughout both the Facebook and email marketing campaigns, the messaging was changed to create a sense of urgency and avoid audience fatigue. Daily budgets were also changed to capitalise on peak conversion periods, further reducing the CPA.

The webinars were listed on free event platform, Eventbrite, to gain access to a new audience and attract registrations with a $0 CPA.

The Outcome

  • 163% registrations above the target
  • 40% reduction in CPA from the first webinar to the second webinar topic

Increasing Attendance & Engaging the Audience

What we did: Website Design, Conversion Rate Optimisation, Email Marketing

Immediately following webinar registration, users were prompted to submit questions for the webinar. This increased their investment in the webinar, the topic, and their motivation to attend.

Once registered, people would receive a series of reminder emails that included instructions to access the webinar.

The webinars were designed to encourage interaction from the attendees during the live presentations via user polls, clickable offers, live chats, and open questions forums.

The outcome

  • Attendance was 226% higher than the target
  • Cost-per-attendee for the webinars was 76% lower than the workshop events
  • Over 50 questions submitted before a webinar
  • 25% of attendees clicked on an offer
  • 46% of attendees participated in the chat
  • 37% of attendees answered the poll

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Strategic Property Group

Trent Fleskens

Strategic Property Group

Kerri at Living Online is a true expert in her field. No project or challenge is too hard. Engaging Living Online has kept my business on the forefront of modern marketing strategies, and our performance has reflected. Whether it’s paid advertising or sending our forgotten website presence straight to #1 organically within a year of engagement, I can honestly say I never believed Living Online could achieve what they have for my business. They proved me wrong again and again

The Result

The webinars performed well above expectations and we’ve seen the highest statistics on record for several key metrics.

As a result of Living Online’s marketing, we were able to develop a proven lead magnet formula for SPG that will continue to attract new clients.

  • 307%

    Increase In Attendance

    The webinars averaged 307% more attendees than the in-person workshops .

  • 250%

    Increase In Form Submissions

    The webinars fuelled the highest number of consultations in a month.

  • 117%

    Increase In Database Contacts

    Webinar registrations doubled the email database in just 40 days.

  • 201%

    More Website Sessions

    The webinars fueled the highest number of consultations in a month.

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