Australian Tenders Case Study

Struggling to rank for their core keywords, Australian tenders engaged Living Online to help solve the website’s SEO problems and drive more profitable conversions.

Find out how we were able to use our SEO and AdWords expertise to boost goals and conversions at a lower CPA for this innovative online business.


Living Online assisted Australian Tenders in building their organic traffic to become less reliant on Google AdWords as their primary traffic provider. Along with this, we created a new AdWords campaign with the target of decreasing cost per acquisition for website conversions.

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    Organic Traffic

    Through an SEO audit and SEO domain migration for the Australian Tenders’ website, we helped them increased organic search levels by 175%, or 2.75x the original.

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    Organic Sales

    Organic conversions to a paying subscription have also increased by 139%, meaning more signups not coming from paid sources.

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    Reduced CPA

    By increasing the volume of organic conversions we reduced the overall CPA (cost per acquisition) by 17%.


Noticing the difficulty for individuals and businesses to research tenders from a wide variety of sources, Australian Tenders was established to collate these listings onto one online platform. The company searches the websites of hundreds of organisations and major newspapers throughout Australia, and then uploads and categorises these tenders for easy access. Customers can sign up for email alerts that notify them when tenders that match their criteria are newly released to the public.


Australian Tenders found themselves ranking poorly for core keyword terms in organic search. This was leaving them heavily reliant on paid advertising via Google AdWords to bring in new traffic and drive sales. A significant issue for the business, and one impacting their SEO, was the inherent issue of them operating both the domains and


Improve Australian Tenders’ organic positioning through search engine optimsiation and reduce their dependence on Google paid search advertising for website traffic and sales conversions.


Maximise the performance of the Australian Tenders’ website in organic search.

SEO - Australian Tenders Case Study


  • We completed a comprehensive SEO audit of the Australian Tenders website to identify any areas that required improvement and issues that could be negatively affecting search rankings.

  • After completing detailed technical SEO analysis, a list of SEO recommendations and actionable changes were provided to the client, along with explanations for why these were necessary.

  • Once our recommendations had been implemented, the Australian Tenders website experienced a dramatic uplift in rankings, organic search traffic levels, and new sales from organic search.

Website Migration - Australian Tenders Case Study

Website Migration

  • Prior to the site being moved to its new domain, it was important to ensure the risks inherent with changing domains were minimised. Our pre-migration checklist ensured that all SEO aspects of the migration were handled properly.

  • Once the site was live at its new domain, page-level 301 redirects were put in place to ensure that link equity and domain authority was preserved. All advertising URLs were also immediately updated to ensure proper tracking was maintained.

  • Once the migration was complete, we conducted a number of post-migration checks to test functionality and monitor performance. We were pleased to find that organic traffic doubled, and as a result, reliance on AdWords traffic was reduced.

Google AdWords - Australian Tenders Case Study

Google AdWords

  • Using our Google AdWords Audit process, we completed thorough analysis of the current AdWords campaign configuration and performance.

  • Extensive keyword research was undertaken using existing and new data, resulting in a campaign featuring over 2,100 keyword variations.

  • The new AdWords campaign was structured around thematic ad groups to maximise relevancy, maximise click through rate, and minimise CPCs.

  • When the new AdWords campaign was launched it led to an increase in CTR from 4% to 7.9%, and a decrease in cost per acquisition of more than 22%.

Robert Nathan, Managing Director - Australian Tenders
Robert Nathan, Managing Director - Australian Tenders

"We have achieved better results in the last four months with Living Online than we have achieved in the previous 4 years with two other SEO specialists. Furthermore their approach is more of partnership where they share their knowledge and experience. Our team is learning and growing along with them. We are confident with Living Online’s assistance that we are building a sustainable base to carry our online business forward over the next 10 years."

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