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Within 2 months of switching to Living Online, Unios started to see a marked improvement in their search engine visibility and website traffic. 4 months in, records were being broken in website visitors and goal completions!

  • 103 %


    103% growth in total website visitors.

  • 500 %


    5× the amount of Google Ads conversions.

  • 725 %


    Google Ads Search Campaign traffic increased by 725%.

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The Client

Unios® is an Australian designer and manufacturer of quality luminaires. Having interrupted the Australian market in a relatively short time, their innovative and technology-led business model is a driving force behind their current expansion into New Zealand, Indonesia, and Vietnam.

The Challenge

Unios were not convinced that they were getting the best from their previous paid search advertising agency in terms of results and communication. They were feeling a bit like a small fish in a big pond and weren’t convinced the PPC advertising agency was working proactively to build their business.

As an innovative and rapidly growing international company, they were looking for expert advice and strategic solutions, not just a handful of keywords optimised!

The Objectives

As well as improved reporting and communication being a priority, Living Online worked with Unios to identify specific KPIs, which would ensure results were being achieved in key areas such as:

  • achieving an average monthly growth rate
  • increased website traffic
  • increased Conversions from SEM advertising
  • achieving higher organic search rankings.

The Solution

SEO and Google Ads were the main drivers in the first few months, whilst general consulting also provided added value.

Living Online focused on providing some quick wins, clear communication and reporting and strategic advice to improve and align all digital communications.

This was a new level of digital marketing agency service experienced by Unios!


An advanced technical SEO Audit uncovered multiple website issues which were potentially holding Unios back in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

Living Online started working through these in a phased approach from Month 3. By Month 4 with Living Online, Unios had 63 tracked keywords ranking in the top 3 and 44 pages ranking on the first page!

Most importantly they are dominating the first position for key industry terms.

After Living Online took over the SEO organic traffic started to grow immediately. In just 4 months, Unios’ organic traffic had broken the 4,000 Users per month mark for the first time!

Our SEO strategies saw an immediate and significant increase in organic search traffic.
unios increase in web traffic

Google Ads

Living Online conducted comprehensive keyword and competitor research to develop a strong strategy and action plan to increase goal conversions at a more effective cost.

Using behavioural and search intent cues, we are able to zero in on Unios’ ideal customer at the exact moment they are looking for lighting products and deliver ads with better reach and relevancy.

We created 11 new campaigns targeting 9,862 keywords, resulting in a dramatic increase in all key metrics, including a 3x increase in conversions, and a reduction in the cost per acquisition by two thirds!

PPC advertising continues to achieve record clicks and goal completions as search, display, video, and remarketing campaigns are optimised and built upon.

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Amy Sala Tenna


We commenced working with Living Online in January 2019, and despite the collaboration only being six months old, have seen a dramatic improvement in our Google Analytics so far. Not only are our goals being thoroughly tracked and measured, but they are also being met each month.

Katrina, our account manager, has gone above and beyond to ensure a smooth transition from our previous provider and is genuinely invested in the outcome of our business objectives.

We have enjoyed working with Living Online and look forward to building on an already positive relationship!

The Result

Specific KPIs were identified to be met every month. Living Online started meeting and exceeding these KPI’s in Month 2!

By Month 4 the growth had accelerated even further…

  • 39%

    Total website traffic increase

    KPI: Achieve an average monthly growth rate of website traffic of 12%+.

  • 54%

    Toolbox Signups increase

    KPI: Achieve an average Toolbox user base growth rate of 12%+.

  • Total Goals Completions experienced record growth

    KPI: Increase the number of goals (contact form submissions, phone number clicks, subscriber signups) reached per month.

  • Improved reporting from our digital partner

    Monthly reporting provides in-depth analysis, with clear, actionable tasks planned, communicated and tracked.


Unios continues to dominate in their industry, going from strength to strength each year, as Living Online support them in their growth in Australia and expansion into South East Asia.

Our continued results have been recognised by the premier digital marketing Awards in the digital marketing industry:

2021 Finalist APAC Search Awards

APAC Search Awards 2021 Finalist

Best B2B Campaign: Living Online & Unios – Illuminating The Asia Pacific

2020 Winner SEMRush Awards

2020 Winner Award

Best B2B Campaign: Living Online & Unios – Illuminating the Asia Pacific

2019  Finalist SEMRush Awards

2019 Finalist Award

Best Integrated Campaign: Living Online & Unios – Integrated Campaign Propels National Distributor

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