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West Coast Pet Care Centre

With traditional marketing efforts failing to make sales, Living Online helped turn this established business into an online power house with great revenue.

  • 21 %


    Multi-channel digital marketing campaigns increased revenue by 21%.

  • 119 %


    Overall website traffic volumes increased by over 119%.

  • 220 %


    Website enquiries increased a massive 220% by the end of year one.

The Client

West Coast Pet Care Centre is a well-established pet boarding and dog training centre located north of Perth near Wanneroo. They are great at what they do, have terrific facilities, a dedicated and passionate team, and a great reputation throughout Perth.

The Challenges

West Coast Pet Care Centre was managing all of its marketing in-house. They dabbled in traditional media such as TV and newspaper advertising, and built their website themselves. This served the business well up until around early 2014, when the business began no longer reaching its sales targets. The competitive landscape was changing.

They had a digital presence (a basic Google Ads campaign and a Facebook page), but the lack of conversion tracking meant that it was difficult to ascertain effectiveness. The lack of leads and poor performing sales data indicated that the Facebook and Google Ads campaigns needed improvement. They were also not taking advantage of a number of other digital marketing services and channels which could support lead generation, lead nurturing, and customer retention.

The Objectives

  • Generate fast results by first focusing on the highest priority areas that would deliver the greatest return on investment (ROI).
  • Maintain an agile and dynamic workflow ensuring that they can change the direction of the campaign if desired.

The Solution

Living Online worked with West Coast Pet Care to get a thorough understanding of their business, their customers, their goals, and the resources they had available. We then identified a number of digital marketing opportunities, created a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, and prioritised the action items in a way that would deliver the greatest return in the shortest amount of time.

Google Ads

After a full digital marketing audit, we re-structured the Google Ads campaign to achieve perfect alignment between the search query, the advert, and the landing page.

This allowed the Google Ads campaign to closely match user needs, meaning we only attracted website visitors who were likely to convert.

The Google Ads campaign we built for West Coast Pet Care Centre delivered immediate results and a huge uplift in sales enquiries.

Google Analytics

While West Coast Pet Care Centre did have Google Analytics installed on their website, it was not configured correctly to track conversions, leaving them unable to understand what digital channels were delivering the most amount of value to their business.

We were able to help them build a simple yet highly useful custom report and set up correct goal tracking in Google Analytics, which gave both them and us the exact data needed to make true data-driven decisions. The trick with analytics is knowing how to translate data into action.

Correct Google Analytics conversion tracking enabled data-backed business and marketing decisions.
Google Analytics and conversion tracking

New Website Development

The original West Coast Pet Care Centre website was not a true representation of their business. Their business is at the top of its game, but their website was old, had a confusing user experience and looked more like a hobby business rather than Perth’s premium pet boarding business. It served a purpose and gave them an initial digital presence but it was well overdue for an update.

We developed a new mobile-friendly responsive design website. It features an aesthetically appealing UX, whilst at the same time being easy for users to navigate through and find what they were looking for. Built on WordPress, the website was also easy for the client to update themselves, removing the problem of us becoming a bottleneck whenever the site needed to be updated.

A new WordPress website showcased the great features and value offered by the company.

Email Marketing

It’s often more cost effective to keep one customer for longer than it is to acquire new customers. We tasked ourselves with maximising the customer lifetime value by increasing touch points with their business.

Email marketing was the perfect channel to engage with their previous customers. With over 10,000 customers in their database there was some huge untapped potential sitting there for the taking.

Mailchimp suited their requirements perfectly, so we set up a template from which they have been able to send monthly newsletters, including a variety of useful and interesting articles and videos.

Through Google Analytics we have been able to see that their e-newsletters not only drive huge amounts of traffic to their website but also drive leads. Mission accomplished.


Remarketing is the act of showing ads to people who have previously visited your website. The idea is that you show ads to people who don’t convert on your website on their first visit, encouraging them to come back and complete an action. This can be done across multiple website and social media platforms.

Remarketing through the Google Display Network was a huge success. Separate campaigns targeted past website visitors with highly relevant ads based on their past website interaction – those who had visited dog training pages on the site were encouraged to return and book a session, while the same went for those interested in dog boarding.

Based on our knowledge of the company’s target market, we turned our attention to Facebook Remarketing. Bingo. It worked. We improved the conversion rate of their website and substantially increased the levels of engagement with their Facebook page.

As with all websites, the majority of visitors were leaving without completing an action. Given that money was being spent driving traffic to the site through Google Ads and Facebook, it was important to set up a correctly structured remarketing campaign to extract more value from each visitor.


Our objective for West Coast Pet Care’s SEO campaign was to drive traffic and conversions coming through from organic search. To do this, we had to ensure the website was achieving a first page rank for highly relevant, high volume search terms. Our ultimate goal was to position them as a leader in their field.

The keyword research we did for the client enabled us to identify a number of highly transactional search queries with high search volume. We used this foundational understanding of traffic volumes to optimise the website in a way that would bring more quality traffic to the site.

By doing the research, we discovered a lot of interesting data, including the fact that “dog kennels perth” had triple the amount of search volume on Google than “dog boarding perth”. This information helped us optimise the website to rank for the highest value search phrases.

Strategic keyword research and ongoing SEO meant West Coast Pet Care ranked in first position for their highest value keywords.

Content Marketing

Google loves it when you give it high quality content. It’s great for driving more organic traffic to your website. At the same time, it’s also great for positioning a business as the thought leader in its space.

We worked with West Coast Pet Care to create highly relevant, quality articles which were then shared across multiple platforms such as social media, email newsletters and the online blog for maximum exposure and engagement.

The content marketing activities are now generating dividends for West Coast Pet Care. This is great for helping new potential customers find the business, as well as driving repeat sales and word of mouth through online engagement.

eCommerce Website

After a strategic planning meeting with the client, we identified that there was an opportunity to help them create another revenue stream via an online shop. In addition to further direct revenue, the online store would also deliver synergies to the core business by acting as a lead generator for the boarding and training services.

In April 2016 we launched their online shop to sell pet products and optimised it for SEO. While it’s already generating sales, there are still several opportunities to grow the online store into a substantial business driver. We’re still just at the beginning of this journey, so there’s exciting times ahead.

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West Coast Pet Care Centre

Michael Walker, Director

West Coast Pet Care Centre

The difference that Living Online has made to our marketing in such a short period of time is simply stunning; within weeks of commencing our new marketing campaign we had to increase our office staff by 75% to manage the enquiries.

The Result

By working with Living Online, West Coast Pet Care Centre was able to harness the power of digital marketing to springboard their business to new heights.

  • 21%


    As a direct result of our multi-channel digital marketing campaigns, revenue increased by 21% in the first year alone.

  • 119%


    Overall website traffic volumes across a variety of channels increased by over 119%, or almost 2.2x in the first 12 months.

  • 220%


    Most importantly, we delivered a massive increase of 220% in website enquiries by the end of year one, or 3.2x original levels.

  • 75%

    Increase In Staff

    They had to nearly double its staff to handle all of the enquiries and new business as a result of the digital marketing strategies and new website.

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