Case Study

Wardrobe Fashion

As a premium women’s retailer, Wardrobe Fashion was looking to make their online presence as strong as their physical stores.

  • 565 %

    Increased Search ROI

    ROI increased for all search campaigns (paid and organic).

  • 74 %

    Organic Search Traffic

    Monthly organic search traffic steadily increased 74%.

  • 319 %

    Organic Revenue

    Organic monthly revenue increased 319% from SEO.

Wardrobe Logo

The Client

Wardrobe Fashion was traditionally a brick-and-mortar business, selling high-end clothing brands to their fashion-conscious target audience. After seeing success with their four stores across Western Australia, they began to shift focus on their online eCommerce store, allowing more people across Australia and beyond to enjoy the premium clothing, excellent customer service, and exclusive benefits that Wardrobe Fashion offered.

They also faced competition from other online retailers selling similar brands, further reinforcing their need to be able to compete in organic and paid search results.

The Challenge

While their physical stores were doing well, Wardrobe Fashion needed the ability to gain more customers and revenue outside of Western Australia.

They had the initial setup of their online store checked off, and their email marketing to current customers was extremely powerful, but they needed new online customers.

Basic search engine marketing (SEM) ads were in place, but a more strategic plan also encompassing search engine optimisation (SEO) was required to allow them to drive more newsletter sign-ups and revenue.

The Objectives

  • Increase their presence in search results for both their own brand and the clothing brands they sell.
  • Drive highly relevant, interested traffic to the website with the aim of turning them into newsletter subscribers and customers.
  • Have a high ROAS through both first-click and last-click attribution.
  • Help a company who had previously only focused on their four brick-and-mortar stores best utilise the online space through the right digital marketing services to turn their eCommerce efforts into a revenue-making machine.

The Solution

Living Online worked to create a strong Google Ads and SEO strategy which, when combined with other aspects of our digital marketing, allowed Wardrobe Fashion to reach their ambitious eCommerce revenue goals.

The results of the campaign exceeded both ours and the client’s expectations and lead to recognition at the SEMrush Awards, a prestigious and internationally renowned honour.

Google Ads

It was identified that newsletter sign-ups were often leading to transactions in the following months after initial sign-up as a result of the fantastic email marketing strategy they were implementing. Because of this, a two-pronged approach was used to not only drive sales but also newsletter subscriptions.

The Google Ads campaigns were segmented for different brands to be able to customise the ad text to appeal to different audiences and use unique extensions to highlight the advantages of each brand.

To compete against similar companies, the benefits of shopping at Wardrobe Fashion were clearly promoted in the ad text and extensions, including Afterpay, seasonal discounts, and free shipping. This persuasive messaging among other strategies helped considerably in shoppers choosing this retailer over others.


The website was already performing well from Wardrobe Fashion’s own efforts, so an SEO audit was conducted to identify any potential technical issues or opportunities to improve their rankings further.

The SEO audit identified several technical issues that were resolved including 404 pages, poor page speed, and lack of meta data like title tags and meta descriptions.

As a result of the SEO audit, a strategy was developed around adding high-value keywords to the descriptions of individual product pages to increase their search engine rankings, as well as the user experience and conversion rate on the site.

The Wardrobe Fashion eCommerce website
wardrobe fashion website

Social Media

To build a community and nurture high-value clients, a VIP group was created on Facebook to develop brand loyalty to Wardrobe Fashion and generate a sense of exclusivity.

Key events on the audience’s calendar were identified and targeted with branded advertising on Facebook and Instagram. These included horse races, Mother’s Day, and wedding season, to name a few.

Targeted Facebook and Instagram advertising were launched to focus on key brands and the launch of new product lines. Segmenting advertising by brand allowed the audience targeting to be refined and produced high interactions.


A highly-effective remarketing campaign was launched across Google and Facebook targeting visitors at different levels of the conversion process, including browsing products, adding to cart, starting the checkout, and similar.

Unique messaging on Google and Facebook advertising was used to engage with visitors depending on their position in the conversion funnel and this resulted in an increase in website sessions and sales.

Users with abandoned carts were also targeted using remarketing emails that offered incentives to complete their purchase. This campaign was extremely effective in converting sales that would have otherwise been lost.

Strategy & Analysis

A detailed scenario planning document was created to give Wardrobe Fashion the ability to make projections about revenue in the short term and over future months, based on historical ROAS and Customer Lifetime Value.

The planning document led to the determination of ad spend and which advertising channels would be used to achieve their online goals.

Monthly reporting was conducted to monitor and analyse channel performance. Multi-channel attribution models were used to identify the importance of each channel in converting a visitor to a customer, which contributed to defining the digital marketing strategy for the upcoming months.

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Anne Gorrie, Managing Director and Owner

Wardrobe Fashion

Since we engaged Living Online in 2017, we have seen a large increase in revenue and ROI delivered from our paid advertising and organic search campaigns, and have successfully built a new online channel.

The LO team are professional and diligent and I am pleased to recommend them.

The Result

With a strong desire to increase their presence in search results and drive highly relevant, interested traffic to their website to increase their revenue, Wardrobe Fashion was able to achieve this through the strategies we implemented.

The results generated also led us to becoming a finalist for the SEMrush Australia ‘Best Use Of Search – eCommerce’ Award.

  • 565%

    Increased ROI

    Return on investment increased for both media and consulting spend for all search campaigns.

  • 74%

    Organic Search Traffic

    Monthly organic search traffic steadily increased to nearly 15,000 extra sessions.

  • 319%

    Organic Revenue

    Organic monthly revenue has increased by 319% since we implemented our SEO strategy.

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