Case Study

WA Surgeon

Google Ads and strategic SEO helped this specialised Western Australian surgeon gain a market share online that matched their industry reputation.

  • 320 %

    Lead Generation

    Leads generated through the campaign grew by 320%.

  • 131 %

    Website Traffic

    Total website traffic grew by 131% from inception.

  • 79 %

    Google Ads CPC

    Google Ads cost per click during the campaign dropped 79%.

The Challenges

When the surgeon began working with Living Online, a large proportion of their business was generated through network referrals thanks to their stellar reputation within the industry. The greatest opportunity for growth, therefore, was the public visibility to potential clients who were actively researching online. We identified that out of all paid digital marketing services, Google Ads was the preferred channel to engage with those who had genuine search intent. We were limited, however, by restrictions on promoting services relating to ‘medical procedures’.

The nature of the industry, and the potential repercussions of misinformation, meant we needed to examine all new content, whether advertising or website copy.

The industry and services generated huge organic search volume. There was significant competition in the industry, from both Australia-wide franchises and international surgeons.

The Objectives

  • Generate leads from sources outside existing network referrals.
  • Raise the surgeon’s online profile.
  • Improve website user experience through structure and content.
  • Educate potential clients about the advantages of using a local specialised surgeon for their procedure.
  • To be #1 organic in Perth for identified keywords.


The Solution

We began work on the website as the central point for all digital activity.

Google’s restrictions on promoting medical procedures meant that to generate leads through Google Ads, we needed a complementary content marketing strategy to boost organic search rankings for longer-term and continued outcomes.

We designed a content marketing strategy and content generation plan, with the surgeon’s network writing the copy needed to take advantage of identified competitor keywords.

Optimised Existing Website for UX and SEO

The website needed considerable updating. We decided that it would be more beneficial to correct the existing page structure than creating new and specific landing pages.

We prioritised improving the user experience. The range of services was not well documented, and the content shallow on each of the existing pages. To solve this, we segmented the services by changing the flat structure into silos. We populated the resulting pages to be informative and easy to navigate.

We added prominent calls-to-action buttons and service specific forms. These increased the number of digital leads generated and gave us measurable data relating to which forms people were submitting. They also streamlined administrative efficiency.

Once we populated and published the priority pages, we activated the digital advertising and directed it toward the appropriate landing pages.


  • The simple and easy-to-navigate website prominently features the surgeon, before showcasing their specialist procedure categories.
  • We strategically optimised updated content using relevant keywords identified in our research.
  • We prioritised key webpages and actioned Google advertising to generate leads.

Google Ads

We chose Google Ads to be the single largest contributor to lead generation. We wrote and optimised the ads’ key search terms, using care with terminology. We needed to adhere to Google’s policies and mitigate any risk of future legal ramifications. We had to avoid making statements about outcomes or safety guarantees.

Through strategic planning and creative writing, we achieved a positive click-through impact and pain points for those searching for qualified and experienced local surgeons.

The ads targeted those typically in the market for the relevant procedures, and on the advice and experience of the surgeon.


  • With keywords across 85 segmented ad groups, we ensured that the right solution was in front of the right person at the right time.
  • With the correct structure in place and ongoing optimisation, we quintupled the leads during the period and decreased the cost per click (CPC) by 79%.
  • Advanced targeting techniques ensured we hit the specific audience and didn’t commit valuable advertising budget on the wrong demographic or geographic.

Content Marketing Strategy for SEO

We developed a detailed content marketing strategy. It listed the highest priority keywords and recommendations in order of priority for short- and long-term digital success.

Having put forward the new website structure for improved UX and SEO, we then created content templates to guide the page copy. The copy, written by the client’s staff, needed to use the correct industry-appropriate messaging.

Along with optimising the website meta titles and descriptions, onsite and offsite white hat SEO improvements steadily grew organic traffic through our period of engagement and since.

White hat SEO improved search rankings while maintaining the integrity of the website. It has meant that, despite only a short partnership with Living Online, the client’s rankings have continued to climb since to become one of the standout service providers in their field.


  • For the top 2 identified key search terms, moved from 55th position and outside of the top 100 keywords in Google, to ranking in the top 5 positions for both.
  • Content guides allowed beneficial content to be published on the website, written for SEO and industry requirements while offering considerable value to the target market.
  • Structure and content saw immediate ranking results which have continued to improve since.

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The Result

From the start to the end of the five-month project.

The client experienced a 320% growth in leads. This stemmed from website improvements and the 131% increase in traffic during the same period.

Short-term traffic growth was evident, but the real benefit has come in the form of long-term growth, emphasizing the importance of building a digital presence the right way.

The website structure, strategic content guide, and keyword research have held the client in good stead to continuing building on the foundations put in place.

  • 320%

    Lead Generation

    Leads generated through the campaign grew by 320%.

  • 131%

    Website Traffic

    Total website traffic grew by 131% from inception.

  • 79%

    Google Ads CPC

    Google Ads cost per click during the campaign dropped 79%.

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