Case Study

Maragon Early Learning Centres

After a new website launch failed to get results, Maragon contacted Living Online to help generate website traffic and leads for their new childcare centres.

  • 140 %

    Organic Search Traffic

    Organic search traffic jumped by 140%, largely due to SEO.

  • 195 %

    Website Traffic

    Overall traffic to the website nearly tripled, up 195%.

  • 516 %

    Contact Form Enquiries

    Contact form enquiries have increased by more than 500%.

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The Client

Maragon Early Learning Centres offer early childhood care and development at several high quality facilities around Perth, Western Australia. They have a strong emphasis on creating a stimulating, nurturing environment for children, promoting a “learn through play” philosophy. Working in close connection with the families, Maragon Early Learning Centres are fast establishing themselves among Perth’s best child care service providers.

The Challenge

Despite having a brand new website, Maragon Early Learning Centres were encountering a number of problems. Not only was the website not tested thoroughly for errors before going live, but there was minimal content and the site was not optimised for SEO. The poorly configured website plus a lack of digital marketing meant that no leads were being generated through the site.

The Objectives

With four childcare centres under management and two more being built, the business had an urgent requirement to increase enrolments.

  • Increase the number of qualified website visitors.
  • Convert a higher percentage of traffic into enquiries.
  • Increase enrolments.

The Solution

To achieve the goals and drive enquiries for the business, we developed a multi-channel digital marketing strategy that included website testing and quality assurance, Google Analytics configuration, Google Ads, Facebook advertising, SEO, and email marketing.

Website QA

A comprehensive analysis of the website was undertaken where every aspect was tested, from links through to enquiry form submissions from the contact form.

All issues were fixed and a final review of the website was undertaken to ensure that the site worked perfectly and satisfied requirements for both the client and the website visitors.

Google Analytics

One of the biggest benefits of having an online presence is that you can directly measure a range of metrics. For example, you can even determine that at 11.30am, when using an Apple iPhone in Perth, WA, a middle-aged female clicked on your Facebook ad where she was then directed to your website, spending 9 minutes visiting 3 pages before submitting a contact form enquiry.

Being able to get this granular data and use it to craft strategies moving forward is a reason why installing a service such as Google Analytics is so important.

We configured Google Analytics to accurately track conversions on the Maragon Early Learning website, and created custom reports so that at a glance, both Living Online and the client could see important metrics such as where website traffic was coming from, and moving forward, which campaigns were resulting in the most form submissions.

This would become our most prized tool and would help ensure that:

  1. We could make sure we were using the digital marketing services that were achieving the best results, and
  2. Our future marketing campaigns could be optimised to maximise performance and underpin success.

Google Ads

We built and launched a Google Ads campaign as the first online marketing channel for Maragon. Why? Google Ads is a highly effective way of reaching people who are interested in your services (as indicated by their Google search). These people are shown your ad and enticed to click through to your website. When set up correctly, a Google Ads campaign can be the perfect way to get immediate results.

The key to a successful Google Ads campaign is to really understand the client, their business goals, and their target audience. This along with our knowledge and experience in building highly effective campaigns were key factors in the creation of relevant ads that would drive highly-qualified traffic to the website, resulting in a large number of form enquiries and customers for Maragon.

Facebook Advertising

Given its advanced targeting options, we launched Facebook advertising as another digital marketing method to increase website traffic, generate form enquiries and acquire loyal clients.

By using both location and demographic targeting, we were able to target parents of babies and young children with ads promoting the Maragon Early Learning centre closest to where they lived.

By making sure only those who would be candidates for child care saw the ads for centres nearby, we were able to deliver a highly cost-effective campaign that performed exceptionally well.


Living Online conducted an extensive SEO Audit of the new website. This enabled us to identify primary SEO issues on the website, as well as the recommended action items to remedy these problems and improve performance in organic search.

Leveraging the keyword research we conducted for the Google Ads campaign, a series of on-page improvements were made to the site, including optimisation of title tags, meta descriptions, body text, XML sitemaps, and Google Search Console configuration.

Email Marketing

One of the most effective forms of marketing is that of email. Not only are you able to target people who you know are interested in your company (as they have willingly subscribed to receive information from you), but it provides the perfect opportunity to nurture your relationship with your customers and encourage future sign-ups/purchases.

It’s a well-known fact that it costs more to obtain a new customer than it does to retain an existing one. With this in mind, we’ve set Maragon up on the Mailchimp email system for customer and prospect communication. We’re now working to integrate the email marketing with broader content marketing activities via the blog and social media channels.

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Maragon Early Learning Centres

Leanda Visagie, Chief Operating Officer

Maragon Early Learning Centres

Living Online has made a huge impact on our organisation. They are professional, efficient and forward thinking. Great to have them onboard.

The Result

By fixing the website issues and enabling conversion tracking, Maragon was primed to receive web enquiries for joining their childcare centres.

A strategic, effective multi-channel digital marketing campaign drove the right people to the new website, with outstanding results.

  • 140%

    Organic Search Traffic

    Strategic SEO helped organic search traffic increase 2.4×.

  • 195%

    Website Traffic

    Multi-channel marketing meant total website traffic nearly tripled.

  • 516%

    Contact Form Enquiries

    Total website enquiries for Maragon’s centres increased more than 6×.

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