Case Study

The Pizza Lounge

Here’s how we helped a local pizzeria improve their bottom-line revenue by improving direct sales, regular orders and catering bookings through email marketing, social media, website optimisation and Google Ads.

  • 1691 %

    Increase in online delivery orders

    Our campaigns drove direct online orders up by almost 1,700%

  • 211 %

    Increase in weekly online sales

    Our campaigns boosted online transactions by over 200%.

  • 778 %

    Increase in monthly phone calls

    We generated a surge in phone orders and general enquiries.

The Client

The Pizza Lounge has long been regarded as one of Swanbourne’s local dining treasures, providing the tastiest, freshest wood-fired pizzas, authentic Italian pastas, salads, sides and desserts since 2001.

With take-away and delivery options, as well as their fully licensed dine-in venue and mobile catering options, the popular pizzeria is renowned for its handmade pizza bases, Italian-trained chefs, and range of gourmet wood-fired pizzas.

The Challenge

Whilst The Pizza Lounge had an established customer base when we first came on board, our challenge was to maintain these ongoing customer orders, whilst helping to identify and implement digital marketing strategies that would introduce the local pizzeria to new customers.

The Objectives

  • Introduce paid and organic social to drive orders, in particular direct orders, high value orders (catering) and customers taking advantage of midweek specials.
  • Build a database of regular customers to encourage more direct orders.
  • Take back market share from food delivery aggregators (UberEats, MenuLog).
  • Revamp the website to improve the user experience for customers.
  • Generate high value catering enquiries and automate the quoting process.
  • Position The Pizza Lounge as the leading pizzeria of choice for locals in the area.


The Solution

Since coming on board in June 2019, we introduced a series of marketing, branding and content strategies to address each of the identified objectives.

This involved a multi-channel strategy which set out to drive orders, maintain brand positioning, and to improve the customer experience to ensure all Pizza Lounge customers enjoyed their experience enough to come back again and again.

Strategy To Drive Orders

A digital marketing strategy and market segmentation were defined to identify the best ways to reach customers through targeted campaigns and content. After working with the client to refine the strategy, we launched a number of new initiatives to assist in maintaining healthy levels of online orders, such as:

  • Introducing New Weekly Specials
  • Promoting Catering Services
  • Providing Free Delivery During COVID-19
  • Driving More Dine-In Orders


The Outcome

  • 21% increase in the number of monthly online orders.
  • 16% increase in the number of monthly website visitors.
  • 89.18% increase in monthly website sessions from Direct traffic.
  • We achieved a record week of orders during the first COVID-19 outbreak, which surpassed the previous record held during the Christmas season where orders are typically at their absolute peak.

New mobile website ordering


Redesigning The Website

Since a large proportion of all orders were coming from online sources, it was essential to ensure the website was providing an optimal experience for customers.

We recognised an immediate opportunity for improving the user experience of the website and proposed a new design that would help to drive more sales and conversions through a simplified, stylish new look.

We then worked with the owner to design, code and implement a brand-new website which provided customers with a fast and easy ordering experience.

The new site was then launched on 15th September 2020 and has since seen remarkable improvements in website sessions, online orders (pickup), online orders (delivery), and phone calls.

The Outcome

  • 645% increase in phone number button clicks.
  • 153% increase in delivery orders.
  • 93% increase in pick up orders.
  • 25.17% increase in website sessions.
  • 78% increase in average time spent on the website.

Email Marketing

The Pizza Lounge was not actively reaching out to their database of customers regularly, which is something we identified early as a market opportunity to boost orders. After working with the client on a communications strategy to identify regularity, targeting and content themes, we implemented the following initiatives.

  • Monthly newsletter
  • Automated catering quotes
  • Direct order offers
  • Driving More Dine-In Orders

The Outcome

  • We saw a 148% increase in website sessions from email campaigns, alongside a 1,151% increase in online orders during 2020/21 when compared to 2019/20.
  • We managed to reduce weekly transactions from UberEats from an average above 30% to less than 20% of total sales through strategic Direct Marketing campaigns.
  • 90% of all catering enquiries received (and opened) an automated email quote within 24 hours of submitting an enquiry, helping to acquire a considerable number of high value catering bookings – the client even needed to turn off the campaign due to excessive demand!

Leveraging Social Media

The Pizza Lounge had a great following, so our aim was to continue providing engaging, entertaining and informative social media content. Using the content strategy that we had developed for the client, we introduced a series of paid and organic social media content to promote key messages for the lounge, such as upcoming specials, promotions and key menu items.

The Outcome

  • 1,691% increase in online delivery orders.
  • 1,054% increase in online pick-up orders.
  • 290% increase in social media sessions.
  • 502% increase in phone number orders/enquiries.
  • 184% increase in email enquiries/clicks.


Social media & Google Ads examples


Google Ads

After identifying a niche area of opportunity in the catering space, it was clear that The Pizza Lounge’s mobile pizza oven provided a high value revenue stream to support ongoing orders. When we first met with the client, they were averaging a single booking every 4-6 weeks, with ample capacity to increase the velocity of bookings.

As a result, we launched a highly targeted Google Ads campaign to target customers using search engines to source local catering options.

The client had never ventured into Google Ads, so we were absolutely delighted to see the campaign becoming a huge success. Bookings went from just once every 4-6 weeks, to times where there were 3 bookings in a single week. We even reached a point where the mobile pizza oven was often booked out weeks in advance.

The Outcome

  • 61% increase in website sessions from Google Ads.
  • 162% increase in website contact forms.
  • Mobile catering bookings changed from an average of once per month to 3 in one week during peak times, so much so that we had to turn off the campaigns to manage the volume.

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Stuart McClure

The Pizza Lounge

The digital strategy the Living Online team mapped out and executed, has significantly increased awareness of the business and grown revenues over the past 2 years. At the same time, the focus on digital media has allowed us to take more orders via our online platforms for greater customer engagement and operational efficiency.

The Result

Since we joined forces in June 2019, The Pizza Lounge has seen results beyond their initial expectations.

After 26 months together we are still seeing great results, with monthly average order numbers up 25% in 2021, from the average set in 2020.

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