Case Study

SWAN Systems

With a new product launch around the corner, this technology start-up needed a strategic web design and digital marketing agency to ensure they entered the market with a bang.

  • 358 %

    Organic Search Traffic

    Organic traffic increased by 358% in 12 months, and by 540% just a few months later.

  • 1900 %

    Lead Increase

    In the first year, genuine leads increased 1900% from 1 to 20 per month.


The Client

SWAN Systems is an online water and nutrient management system aimed at helping a range of industries better manage their irrigation needs, resulting in healthier crops, lawns, ovals, and golf courses while minimising water and energy. A relatively new start-up, SWAN Systems is already making waves across the world with their technology and advanced system analytics.

The Challenges

As a new company launching a novel product to the market, SWAN Systems needed to educate their target markets as to what their product is, and the specific benefits it has for the different customer segments they were going after. Their previous one-page website didn’t do this, so they were after a new website with landing pages which spoke specifically to the different niches about what SWAN Systems is and why they need it to meet their goals.

With a new website ready to go, they then needed to get their brand in front of the right people through a strategic digital marketing campaign. Not only did they need brand awareness, but they also needed leads – highly qualified prospects who would be willing to sign up for a free demo, who would then go on to become a valued long-term client.

The Objectives

  • Educate relevant individuals and companies about who SWAN Systems is, and what their software does.
  • Get their prospective customers to consider SWAN Systems as the solution to their irrigation water and nutrient management needs through targeted landing pages, advertising, and downloadable brochures.
  • Encourage the sign-up of free demos by highly qualified prospects, which then are converted into paying customers.

The Solutions

As a new company, it was essential that SWAN Systems had a strong website and digital marketing strategy set up as soon as possible to start generating the desired leads. Working closely with the team at SWAN Systems, the Perth digital marketing consultants at Living Online worked hard to make their vision a reality, and the result was a striking new website that perfectly conveyed who and what SWAN Systems is, with a sophisticated, targeted digital marketing campaign to match.

New Website Design & Development

The designs for a new, visual website were created, with emphasis placed on creating a clean, fresh site that matched the company’s branding and their online goals. Landing pages aimed at the different customer segments were critical to the success of SWAN Systems, with relevant benefits, images and calls to action.

The responsive website was developed with the client’s specific requirements in mind, including an interactive dashboard and a reseller’s portal.

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SWAN System website

Google Ads

After creating a plan of what digital marketing services would offer SWAN Systems the biggest bang for their buck, Google Ads were the first digital marketing element set up, targeting high value keywords that would be searched by the target markets and directing them to the most relevant landing page.

Identifying strong and persuasive ad copy was critical in driving new traffic through to the website. A Remarketing Lists for Search Ads campaign was also set up, with ad text to match the user intent.

Ongoing optimisation allowed us to ensure only highly qualified prospects were enquiring, at the lowest possible cost. This meant that more time could be spent on nurturing those who would likely convert.


Once the new site was launched, a post-migration checklist and technical SEO audit was undertaken to ensure the new pages were indexed by the search engines as quickly as possible to ensure they could meet their SEO and brand awareness goals.

Finding and optimising for the correct keywords is incredibly important in ensuring the highest chance of interested prospects converting from a search engine query. Our strategy resulted in strong leads from those visiting the site from organic search.

Many online sources mentioned SWAN Systems as they won grants and awards for their outstanding technology. To capitalise on this for SEO and branding, we made sure that wherever they were mentioned, there was a link back to their site.


If a company doing digital marketing doesn’t have remarketing set up, there is wasted potential in remaining top of mind for those who may have visited your site but weren’t in the mindset of enquiring at that moment.

As such, it was incredibly important that Google remarketing was set up. Using Google Analytics, we could determine what industry the individual was likely in, and created relevant banner images to show to them on appropriate third party sites.

By strategically crafting the messaging and imagery on the remarketing ads to the type of customer segment an individual belonged to, we helped bring back several leads who may have potentially disappeared forever.

Email Marketing

As SWAN Systems was a new product, it was important to keep nurturing those prospects who had expressed interest in the product, continuing to educate until the prospect was ready to take the next step and sign up for a free demo.

Email marketing was essential in this educational process, and to also keep potential leads updated with the newest case studies and award wins, allowing them to constantly be reminded that SWAN Systems is a fantastic company to partner with.

An email welcome series was set up using MailChimp. Whenever somebody downloaded a bribe to subscribe offer, submitted a contact form or subscribed to the newsletter, they would automatically start receiving a chain of informative emails.

Most of the visitors to the website had specific needs. Somebody visiting the agriculture page was after different benefits that SWAN offered them compared to somebody visiting the water utilities page. Through MailChimp, customised automated email series helped show relevant content to those who had subscribed.

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SWAN Systems

We initially engaged Living Online to design and implement our new website, and to develop a digital marketing campaign for our software product. We love our new website and have had great feedback about it – it is visually engaging, easy to navigate and simple to maintain and update.

What impressed us the most was the time taken by Evan and the team to first understand our business, and then to develop a solution that would work for us.

The Result

By creating a user-focused website and implementing the right SEO and digital marketing strategies, SWAN Systems entered the market with a bang, seeing continual increases in website traffic and genuine enquiries.

  • 358%

    Organic Search Traffic

    In 12 months, organic search traffic had increased by 358%.

  • 540%

    Organic Search Traffic

    In just over a year, this organic search traffic increase had hit 540%.

  • 1900%

    Lead Increase

    In the first year, genuine high-quality leads increased a staggering 1900% per month.

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