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Strong competition and a new entry into the market posed considerable challenges for Spookfish (now EagleView), a robust start-up intent on reaching new heights. We helped them produce stellar results from a strategic multi-channel digital marketing campaign.

  • 308 %


    Combined SEO & SEM resulted in a 308% ROI.

  • 410 %


    Overall website traffic increased by over 410% in 12 months.

  • 1850 %

    Paid Subscriptions

    Paid subscription increased 1850%, boosting revenue considerably.

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While this organisation now operates under the EagleView name, throughout this case study we will refer to them as Spookfish – the company for which we were asked to rocket to success.

The Client

Spookfish is an Australian company focused on the development and commercialisation of next generation geospatial imagery and data products. The successful acquisition of Spookfish for over $100million by a U.S. private equity firm demonstrates the booming success and performance achieved with Perth digital marketing agency, Living Online.

Spookfish was a small start-up with a big dream; and like most start-ups, they ran pretty lean. Their revolutionary technology was clearly a game changer, but they couldn’t afford to waste time, money, or effort in getting their product to the right markets. Without the marketing expertise needed to expose the Spookfish brand to prospective users and nurture leads into paying customers, it could have been a significant opportunity cost to the company over time.

Combine these challenges with the stiff competition from close competitors and free software providers (such as Google Maps), it was vital for Spookfish to implement strong performing advertising and SEO campaigns in line with their strategic marketing initiatives. It was important to discover new audiences – and quickly – to build market saturation and ongoing paid subscriptions.

The Objectives

  • Implement technical SEO specifications so the newly launched website would reach more of our target audiences.
  • Create data-driven marketing collateral for the greatest impact on results.
  • Implement customised tracking for 360 degree visibility over performance.
  • Ensure swift campaign launches for SEM and SEO in order to generate fast results with the greatest ROI.

The Solution

Moving quickly to establish Spookfish as the number one choice for their offering was critical, and this was done through a strategic digital marketing campaign aimed at not only increasing website traffic, but free demo signups and most importantly, paid subscriptions to their software.

Google Ads

As a completely new account, our setup and configuration ensured an optimal structure so we could hit the ground running with our ad campaigns.

Comprehensive keyword research was conducted to determine the highest value keyword targeting specifications across a range of commercial, branded, and competitor terms. Ad copy variations were copywritten to test and measure the attractiveness of USPs and communication strategies, with the best performing shown more often.

New trial sign ups, contact enquiries, and sales continued to grow month on month with ongoing campaign testing, measuring and further optimisation.


By analysing the onsite behaviour of website visitors, we were able to segment our target audiences to create highly granular, custom remarketing audiences.

Remarketing audiences were subsequently mapped out based on inferred intent and proximity to purchase, to determine their anticipated business value. We then designed hyper-relevant messages and offers for each of our audiences depending on where they sat in the sales funnel – maximising relevancy at each step.

Remarketing Lists for Search Ads were utilised as part of our marketing arsenal, which effectively decreased the cost per lead acquisition by two thirds. This meant more leads for less money.

Google Analytics

Spookfish had a complex setup, with tracking needing to be streamlined across multiple subdomains, and goals configured to be easily segmented by custom channel sources.

We helped by implementing custom tags, data layers, and dimensions in Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics to achieve full visibility on where our website visitors and leads came from. The top conversion paths were then mapped out so we knew exactly which channels contributed to, and converted, the subscriptions and sales – and how much they were worth.

Conversion tracking and multi-channel attribution analysis was crucial to understanding where sales were really coming from.
Spookfish analytics data and conversion tracking

Microsoft Advertising

With the Google Ads account delivering exceptional results, we replicated our campaigns across to Microsoft Ads and optimised as required.

By delivering ads to our ideal target market at the exact moment they are looking for our solution, we could acquire more qualified leads at a cost-efficient CPC.


In conjunction with a new website launch, we completed a detailed technical SEO analysis to identify areas for improvement or potential issues to ensure the strongest base for our SEO strategy.

From here, a comprehensive SEO Keyword Strategy was undertaken in conjunction with our Landing Page Planning, which set the scene for sophisticated on-site and off-site optimisation. With the commencement of acquiring high quality links, increasing visibility of target keywords and the rise of organic search traffic to the website, we saw an uplift in awareness and ROI.

Facebook Ads

With stunning visual imagery, we wanted to showcase the clarity and detail of Spookfish aerial captures. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words! Facebook Advertising offered a channel to expose new audiences to the Spookfish brand and software.

We built up audiences to target by layering demographic information on work industries and an interest in Satellite and Aerial Imagery who hadn’t signed up for a free trial. By enticing new users to get started with a free trial, we built up our marketing funnel with a decent amount of pre-qualified leads.

With the granular targeting options available we were able to zero in on audiences who had shown interest on the website by visiting the pricing page but didn’t purchase a subscription. We then communicated special offers to this high intent audience by retargeting them with a 10% off offer.

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Josh Maisey, Agile Project Manager


The team at Living Online are fantastic. After listening to our objectives, they designed various SEM, SEO and social campaigns that succeeded in delivering a huge increase of leads to our website. Their responsiveness, attention to detail and ability to deliver outstanding results makes Living Online a pleasure to work with.

The Result

Website traffic more than quadrupled over the course of a year, with our SEM, SEO, and social media activities generating a considerable number of paid subscriptions and revenue for this business.

  • 308%


    Combined SEO & SEM resulted in a 308% ROI.

  • 410%


    Overall website traffic increased by over 410% in 12 months.

  • 1850%

    Paid Subscriptions

    Paid subscription increased 1850%, boosting revenue considerably.

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