Case Study

Paradiso Property Development

A multi-channel digital marketing campaign that generated a 201% increase in qualified leads alongside a 481% improvement in lead conversion rates for a boutique, riverside apartment development.

  • 201 %

    Increase In Qualified Leads

  • 129 %

    Contact Form Conversions

  • 481 %

    Lead Conversion Rates

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The Client

Abel Projects WA specialises in residential sales and marketing for keystone developments throughout Perth and Western Australia.

We worked closely with Steve and Nicole Jones from the Abel Projects WA team to help promote ”Paradiso”, a stylish, riverside apartment complex in Como.

The 8-storey development is owned by INGWE Capital Group, an investment, advisory, and property development group with an established portfolio throughout Western Australia. Our brief was to work cohesively with both parties to generate high-quality leads.

The Challenge

The client had been promoting the development through popular property portals with mixed results and a low number of sales. Earlier campaigns with other third-party providers had generated just one quality enquiry from 500 leads. It was a priority to generate warm and qualified leads.

One of our early challenges was to identify how to streamline the marketing messaging to focus on quality rather than quantity across defined buyer demographics. The website was positioned broadly to the market, which provided an opportunity to create segmented content for each of the various buyer profiles.

The selling agents were particularly keen to leverage the under-utilised database through regular, targeted email campaigns to nurture prospective and current buyers through the sales funnel. This would include helping prospective buyers during each stage of the buying funnel, leading to a reduced risk of leads dropping off the radar or going elsewhere.

Further to this, the online branding did not match the quality of the development itself. We needed to ensure all communications were re-aligned to showcase Paradiso in the best possible light.


  • Position Paradiso as the most attractive home and investment opportunity for targeted owner occupiers and investors.
  • Implement targeted digital campaigns to generate engagement and conversions from competitive cost per acquisitions (CPAs).
  • Generate qualified leads from various buyer profiles for the sales team to follow up and nurture into off-the-plan sales.
  • Produce various content, landing pages, and collateral to boost lead generation and high-value traffic to help drive sales.
  • Create a customer-centric marketing strategy to consistently convert leads without being dependant on market conditions.

The Solution

We began working on Paradiso in November 2019. With the client keen to be up and running by Christmas, we needed to conceptualise and implement a solution in a short time frame to capitalise on the approaching holidays.

To turn around an effective marketing campaign while maximising lead quality, we split the campaign into two phases.

Phase one focused on understanding the buyer demographics. This ensured the marketing message on digital channels effectively appealed to bottom of the funnel leads – the hot prospects – to have the biggest immediate impact.

Phase two involved building out a multi-channel digital marketing strategy targeting key audiences at each stage of the buyer journey. We had to establish strong brand position in the marketplace to attract bottom funnel leads. We also had to nurture others in order to stay top of mind and convert them into warmer prospects over time.

We delivered various solutions and outcomes to help drive sales and interest in this premium riverside development through our expert digital marketing services.

Improving Online User Experience

What we did: Website Audit, Website Design, Content Management, Landing Page Setup

With the website pivotal to campaign success, we made a number of improvements to optimise campaign conversion and help create a refined user journey for different user demographics.

This included several design changes to improve user experience, vibrancy, and call to actions, as well as:

  • a construction timeline
  • new blog content
  • re-styling the apartments page.

We introduced several lead-magnet resources for website visitors to download or opt-in from various landing pages with designated content for each buyer profile.

We added more detail to the contact form to help better segment and authenticate enquiries. This supported the ongoing email nurture campaigns and helped refine the buyer journey throughout the various stages of the funnel while also leveraging remarketing opportunities.

The Outcome

  • 481% increase in lead conversion rates
  • 129% increase in contact enquiry conversion rates
The Paradiso Construction Site
Paradiso aerial shot

High-Value Lead Generation From Targeted Web Searches

What we did: Google Ads, Search Engine Marketing, Conversion Rate Optimisation

We introduced two hyper-targeted Google Ads search campaigns focused on high-volume search terms and phrases around purchasing an apartment – specifically investing in the Como area.

These campaigns were designed to attract qualified buyers with a high level of purchase intent, leading to better qualified website traffic and a higher chance of conversion activity.

We introduced Google Ads to support ongoing campaigns in and with a plan to reduce the amount of reliance on these two popular property marketing platforms and attract more direct enquiries. The ads had different messaging for both buyers and investors, with specific negative keyword phrasing to avoid irrelevant search traffic.

The Outcome

  • 24% increase in click-through-rate (CTR) within 6 months
  • 16% increase in conversion rate since turning on ads in December 2019

Engaging Prospective Buyers Within Social Media

What we did: Social Media Marketing, Facebook Ads, Lead Generation, Content Marketing

A large part of the campaign focused on generating qualified leads through active social media advertising campaigns that spoke specifically to each buyer profile. We tested multiple messages, differing creatives, new markets and audiences, and introduced an array of incentives and offers to ensure we maximised ad spend within Facebook and Messenger.

Ads focused on the incentives available to specific buyer profiles as well as relevant and tailored content. This helped generate qualified leads at the base of the sales funnel. Examples of these incentives included:


  • Rental Return Guarantee
  • Rental Furnishing Package
  • Investor Report

First home buyers

  • Deposit-Assist Package
  • Mortgage Guarantee Package


  • Sell Now, Buy Later Package
  • Downsizing Guide

While we directed much of our focus towards paid Facebook campaign, we also produced organic social media content. The Facebook page also became a valuable resource, filled with relevant, applicable content specific to each buyer profile. We generated blog articles focusing on property market updates and the lifestyle opportunities present within the Como area, as well as videos showcasing fly-over drone footage and construction updates. Our organic Facebook posts also featured various incentive packages available to buyers with a description of why these were of high value to them.

The Outcome

  • Average conversion rate of 2.38% across each buyer profile
  • 5,800 website sessions within a 6-month period
  • Over 3,000 visits to various buyer profile landing pages
paradiso livingroom render

Nurture Campaigns To Support The Sales Funnel

What we did: Email Marketing, Newsletter Campaigns, Automation, Content Marketing

One of our first goals was to cleanse the existing database to qualify and re-engage contacts and find out if they were still interested in the development. We then introduced a series of email nurturing campaigns with customised communications for enquirers and buyers throughout different stages of the buyer cycle. Given the typical buyer journey was sitting at around 5 months during the campaign, this was a particularly crucial element of our digital marketing strategy.

For example, prospective buyers who downloaded floor plans or the development brochure were taken down a specific email nurture workflow focused on the benefits of buying off-the-plan, the lifestyle opportunities of living in Como, and development and government incentives without any hard selling.

Not only were prospective buyers kept up to date with key construction milestones, blogs, incentive reminders, and opportunities to request more information, we also provided constant updates from the development. This was to harness the excitement and energy of the construction process and keep them engaged – something that was not previously being done. This activity supported the sales funnel while improving conversions and identifying a value for each buyer profile.

We also set up auto-responders to immediately engage enquiries with incentives based on the type of buyer profile used in the contact form, helping to free up resource from the selling agents.

The Outcome

  • During COVID-19, our email and content marketing strategies helped to keep prospects warm and once confidence started returning, we saw 16 cold prospects immediately convert into warm or hot leads for the Abel Projects selling agents.
  • Our email nurture campaigns also helped to convert buyers who were shopping around and close to purchasing elsewhere. We converted them into Paradiso buyers specifically due to the ongoing nurturing communications.
Inside a Paradiso apartment

Tailored Content To Support Buyer Journeys

What we did: Content Marketing, Blogging, Video Marketing, Document Creation

Our content marketing strategy was focused on the various buyer profiles created at the beginning of the campaign, which was pivotal in providing relevant, timely information specific to each demographic of buyer and investor.

We produced a series of downloadable resources including a Downsizing Guide for buyers looking to downsize from an existing property and an Investor Report providing useful tips and advice for investors looking to capitalise on investment opportunities within the Como market. Content also included regular blog articles for the website focusing on property news, market updates, tips for Investors, First Home Buyer advice, as well as articles that showcased the benefits of the riverside Como lifestyle available to future buyers.

Due to the impact of COVID-19, we needed to pivot our content strategy to reassure buyers and investors that the global pandemic in fact presented strong investment opportunities. Prior to COVID-19 we found that audience conversions were geared more towards Investors, which then shifted to Downsizers and First Home Buyers once social distancing restrictions were relaxed and the pandemic impacts became less prominent within the community.

Monthly Construction Updates were produced to create a buzz around the ongoing progress of the development. These were blog articles with progress photos and key milestones, as well as on-site video updates from the developers (INGWE Capital) and selling agents (Abel Projects) to support the blog articles with visual and personable updates on the construction progress.

The Outcome

  • The production of these regular content pieces helped to increase organic traffic to the website by 14% within a 6-month period.
  • Anecdotal feedback from the Abel Projects selling agents:
    “Buyers are shopping multiple developments and they are extremely thirsty to receive as much information as they can to ensure they are making the right decision. The content that has gone out for Paradiso has helped us provide educational, relevant and value-adding content with the purpose of staying front of mind for the customer. I have had lots of positive feedback from prospects and purchasers about the content we send, and we saw a sale opportunity return back to Paradiso after she committed to another development simply because she received more value from our communications, than what she was receiving from the other development.”

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Paradiso Property Development

Steve Jones

Abel Projects

On average the campaigns we run with Living Online generate 5 to 10 times the number of quality leads of any campaigns we are running with other clients, and of all the leads we receive for the projects we collaborate on, 90% come from Living Online and only 10% come from

The Result

Through the implementation of a multi-channel digital marketing campaign focused on specific buyer profiles and multiple touch points.

We were able to generate highly qualified leads with efficient cost-per-acquisitions and high conversion rates, with a cost per lead of less than $30.

Within a 6-month period we were able to generate 332 highly qualified leads through a combination of contact form enquiries, incentive packages, and downloadable resources tailored to the various buyer profiles of investors, downsizers, and first home buyers.

The development attracted enough sales to proceed to construction stage while positioning Paradiso as a marquee sales prospect for buyers and investors, with sales now sitting at over 50% at the time of publishing this case study.

  • 201%

    Total Number Of Qualified Leads

  • 129%

    Contact Form Conversion Rates

  • 481%

    Lead Conversion Rates

  • 332

    Qualified Leads In 6 Months

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