Case Study

Nexus Homes Group

Through targeted, keyword-optimised content marketing, we helped an established Perth home renovations company experience its busiest fortnight of leads to date during COVID-19 lockdowns.

  • 71 %

    Increase In Organic Search Goals

    Goal completions from organic search grew by 71%.

  • 251 %

    Increase In Social Media Sessions

    Social media marketing website sessions improved by 251%.

  • 51 %

    Increase In Website Traffic

    We achieved a 51% increase in website sessions.

The Client

Nexus Homes Group specialises in home renovations, extensions, second storey additions and custom designer homes, particularly modular builds and extensions. Being a smaller boutique company, Nexus consistently delivers immaculate attention to detail and build quality, supported by tailored, personalised service on every project.

The Director, Matt, is also personally engaged with all clients. His involvement ensures a smooth process and optimal outcome, maintaining the high level of service and quality that Nexus is known for throughout the industry.

The Challenge

Our challenge was for our Perth digital marketing agency to help Nexus navigate an uncertain market in the early stages of the COVID-19 community lockdowns, guiding the client through a changing market while identifying new opportunities.

Due to the ever-changing market, we had to remain extremely agile when introducing new ideas and directives. It was critical for our strategy to ensure these ideas were proactive and ahead of the industry curve. They had to remain nimble and be prepared for market shifts and changes.

During the previous Global Financial Crisis (GFC) property companies “went dark” during times of market uncertainty, only to then find themselves significantly behind the eight ball once the market eventually recovered. Since the GFC was followed by some of the most unprecedented growth in WA property history, our challenge was to be proactive in keeping Nexus top of mind and present during Stage 1 of COVID-19 lockdown.

While the industry suffered a temporary slowdown of demand, a ‘renovations bubble’ soon followed thanks to various government schemes. We saw a rising trend for homeowners to start renovation projects, or to at least begin their research phase. This created opportunities for Nexus to streamline its ongoing lead generation campaigns by focusing on content marketing and generating quality leads with a higher value per conversion. It was also a chance to test the market demand for new products.

Another challenge was to manage the incoming enquiries to help build the Nexus database with qualified leads, who we would then target with tailored content through customised email nurturing campaigns.


  • Produce tailored content to actively engage the market and drive leads for sales.
  • Remain front of mind for homeowners at the early stage of a large-scale home renovation project.
  • Build the database with quality enquirers looking for a renovations company.
  • Streamline enquiries to manage workflow and customer relationship management.
  • Provide assurance that despite COVID-19, it was the perfect time to begin a future project.
  • Ensure marketing campaigns were fluid and adaptable during the dynamic market.



During the early stages of COVID-19, we were generally seeing ad costs and competition decreasing, with a tremendous uptick in conversion rates due to reduced competitors in the market. This gave Nexus a strong opportunity to capitalise on a buoyant market by generating more leads with less ad spend. Budget could be reinvested into developing a COVID-19 Content Strategy to position Nexus at the forefront of industry enquiry.

Since homeowners were spending more time in their family homes, the strategy not only focused on immediate bottom-of-the-funnel lead generation, it addressed the advantages of taking the extra time available to begin the research phase of their future project.

COVID-19 Content Strategy

As the impact of the pandemic began to change, so did the market. Within days of receiving a call from Matt to discuss COVID-19 communications, we had produced a comprehensive COVID-19 Content Strategy tailored to the current market landscape.

The digital marketing strategy laid out clear plans to help drive a high volume of quality enquiries. It also focused on building the Nexus database with leads that we could then nurture down the company’s sales funnel.

Since the planning stage for home renovations or extension projects typically takes between six and nine months, our main messages were based around homeowners starting conversations with Nexus. There were also ‘business as usual’ messages to provide assurance during a time of market uncertainty.

The COVID-19 Content Strategy included a variety of media outputs, including videos, blogs, social media content, LinkedIn Pulse articles, and newsletters, to ensure maximum engagement throughout the market. These were all used to provide timely information that was relevant to the Perth property market.

The Outcome

  • The detailed COVID-19 Content Strategy helped Nexus understand where it could provide value in the market, and which opportunities were available with trending keywords and industry trends.
  • It laid out a clear plan of action with regular content across multiple channels, promoting Nexus as the brand of choice for homeowners in search of the perfect renovations’ company.

Blog Production And Distribution

A large part of our COVID-19 Content Strategy focused on relevant blog content to drive traffic to the Nexus website and boost conversions. Once written, the blogs were published on the website and used in newsletters, corporate social media accounts, and personal social media profiles to encourage maximum reach. The blogs also helped Nexus rank for high-volume keywords to help with organic traffic goals and ongoing search engine optimisation (SEO) of the website.

We based topics around the potential impact of COVID-19 on the Perth property market, as well as the rise in popularity for renovations in Perth, and the steps Nexus was taking to pivot services in light of existing market conditions. We also produced various articles that showcased the ongoing activity down at Nexus HQ, including an array of completed projects.

Below are some examples of the content we produced.

Nexus content

The Outcome

  • 60% increase in organic search website sessions.
  • 74% increase in organic search goal completions.

Virtual Consultations

In order to remain dynamic and flexible during COVID-19 lockdown, we introduced a pop-up form on the Nexus website that offered visitors a virtual consultation. The form appeared on the homepage when browsers scrolled to a certain point, prompting them to book in to discuss their future project. We also promoted this consultation through several advertisements on Facebook and Instagram as an active lead generation campaign, which resulted in immediate bookings.

Website visitors were able to talk to a member of the Nexus team about future plans for a renovation, extension, or new build while keeping in line with the current social distancing laws, and from the convenience of their own home. This helped position Nexus as an accessible and approachable option for homeowners in the early stages of a project. It also acted as an effective lead generation tool to help build the Nexus database while streamlining incoming enquiries.

The pop-up was installed on the website during the early stages of lockdown. Within a day of it going live, we already began to see leads. The form was so successful that it was removed one month later due to overwhelming demand and bookings.

The Outcome

  • Nexus experienced its busiest fortnight of leads ever generated.

LinkedIn Content Marketing

Given the uncertainty experienced throughout the renovations market, it was a prime opportunity to position both Nexus and the Director, Matt, as home renovation experts. Using the COVID-19 Content Strategy as a guide, we produced relevant, timely, and professional content to actively engage homeowners thinking about future renovation or extension projects. Content included a combination of advice, support, project news, and company updates in the form of blogs, videos, and project imagery, all distributed every 2-3 days.

We achieved this through a combination of posting on various corporate LinkedIn accounts, including the company’s corporate LinkedIn page as well as a Renovations Spotlight page set up to specifically communicate around extensions and renovations.

We also used Matt’s personal LinkedIn connections to broadcast updates, tips, and advice to more personally engage prospective clients. These included his LinkedIn profile, several property-related LinkedIn Groups centred around renovations (particularly in Perth), as well as Pulse articles written and distributed via his personal account.

The Outcome

  • Post content led to a 487.50% increase in website sessions coming from LinkedIn.
  • LinkedIn content marketing further contributed to a 251.60% increase in total social media website sessions.LinkedIn posts

Video Content Marketing

Given the significant amount of content produced during COVID-19 lockdown, we wanted to introduce regular video content that would stand out in social media news feeds and actively engage viewers.

We worked with the client to produce a series of videos of Matt providing periodical updates to followers to support our ongoing digital communications. These video updates were short and to the point, covering topics like project progress down at the Nexus yard, reflections on the property market and on-site social distancing. We also produced some messages around it being the perfect time to begin the research phase for a future renovation or extension.

Once the videos were produced, we distributed the across the Nexus Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn accounts, including Matt’s LinkedIn profile, as well as in blogs and newsletters. The videos helped to introduce a ‘face behind the brand’, further positioning Nexus as approachable, experienced professionals, poised and ready to take on new projects.

The Outcome

  • Videos generated a total of 3,379 organic views across multiple social platforms.
  • Videos contributed to an increase of 308.33% in Facebook referral traffic.

video context nexus home group

Nexus Pods

Given the ongoing challenges of social distancing and lockdown restrictions, Nexus was presented with an opportunity to introduce timely products tailored to the changing needs of homeowners during COVID-19.

As a result, we helped Nexus launch a campaign for a range of multi-purpose 1-bedroom Nexus Pods, designed to be used as home offices, personal gyms, yoga studios, quiet zones, kids’ playrooms – even man caves!

Within 5 days of receiving the brief from the client, we had set up a landing page and supporting advertisements, which were then distributed across social media, blogs, and email newsletter platforms. As soon as we had launched the Nexus Pods, leads and enquiries began to pour in, with the product being highly desired in by those who were now spending more time working from home.

Nexus pods

The Outcome

  • The Nexus Pods page generated over 5,000 page views in 22 days, helping it to become the 4th most visited page on the Nexus website.
  • The campaign was so successful that Nexus decided to turn off the ads within 3 weeks due to overwhelming demand and high volumes of enquiries.

Email Marketing

Given the high volume of leads arising from several of our campaigns, as well as a surge in industry enquiry resulting from government incentives, the Nexus database was growing at a highly accelerated rate. Although most enquirers were in the early stages of discussion regarding a future project, Nexus was able to send regular email newsletters to nurture them through various parts of the sales funnel.

Content included common FAQs relating to booking in renovations, ongoing industry news, tips and renovation advice, as well as the introduction of new products like the Nexus Pods. The newsletters were a valuable touchpoint with the database and helped to boost high levels of engagement with prospective clients, while keeping Nexus products, services, and staff top of mind and accessible during the various stages of COVID-19 lockdown.     

The Outcome

  • Newsletters helped contribute to a 310.71% increase in referral traffic.
  • Website traffic from newsletters saw a 44.36% increase in session duration.

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The Result

Within days of meeting with Nexus to discuss the changing situation.

We had strategised and implemented a series of content marketing campaigns that led to the busiest fortnight of leads the company had ever experienced.

Within just 57 days of launching our COVID-19 content strategy, Nexus asked us to turn off all related ads and campaigns due to overwhelming demand and enquiries. The company pivoted back to a business-as-usual approach focusing on its core business of renovations, extensions and luxury homes. The client continues to convert leads generated from this campaign, with the database actively engaged through ongoing nurturing campaigns.

nexus COVID timeline 2020

Nexus Homes Group: COVID-19 Timeline

  • 71%

    Increase In Organic Search Goals

  • 251%

    Increase In Social Media Sessions

  • 487%

    Increase In LinkedIn Traffic

  • 51%

    Increase In Total Website Traffic

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