Case Study

Munro’s Accountants and Business Advisors

Pivoting from live events to webinars, Munro’s was able to transform its sales strategy and attract highly qualified, engaged leads with just 6 days between ideation and webinar launch.

  • 642 %

    Increase In Attendance

    6× higher attendance for this webinar compared to their last live event.

  • 70 %

    Webinar Attendance Rate

    An engaged audience resulted in a high attendance rate for this webinar.

  • 300 %

    Increase In Form Submissions

    The webinar significantly boosted the number of website enquiries.

The Client

Munro’s is a privately-owned business accountant and advisor business located in Western Australia.

It specialises in all aspects of accounting, taxation, and corporate secretarial compliance. Munro’s stands apart from other accountancy practices with a purpose-driven approach designed to help its clients at every step of their journey.

The Challenge

Munro’s had a long history of successfully conducting a series of live events targeted at Perth business owners. These were a key part of Munro’s sales strategy, enabling the company to generate qualified leads and build an engaged database. With COVID-19 this was no longer a viable option. Consequently, Munro’s lost a primary lead magnet.

The Federal Government JobKeeper initiative gave Munro’s the perfect opportunity to offer a webinar to its target market, explaining how this initiative would affect them.

The application deadline was in 6 days, with a long weekend in the middle. This meant there were only 3 business days to plan, market, and run the webinar. A quick turnaround time was crucial. Munro’s and Perth digital marketing agency Living Online needed to work fast to deliver a campaign that would exceed expectations and achieve the desired objectives.

The Objectives

  • Develop and market a webinar designed to attract leads during the COVID-19 restrictions.
  • Achieve a high number of registrations, with equally high attendance rates.
  • Provide a highly valuable webinar to an extremely engaged audience.
  • Continue to nurture attendees post-webinar to convert them into clients.


The Solution

To meet these objectives, Living Online worked collaboratively with Munro’s to develop a webinar marketing strategy that was multi-faceted and staged in its approach. We had to work fast to deliver exceptional outcomes within the tight deadline.

Webinar Planning and Topic Development

The critical first stage of any webinar is to determine the problem you will solve, and what value you will deliver to attract target attendees.

As leaders in the accounting and business advisory space, Munro’s understood that the JobKeeper initiative was the source of much confusion for Australian business owners. It was also imperative for many of them to be able to keep their businesses operating.

This topic came with a sense of urgency. It was essential for Munro’s to give its target audience the relevant information before the application deadline. The objective of this topic was clear – to help those who needed it most. As such, this segued into introducing a “Question & Answer” format that encouraged registrants to submit a question when they signed up to the free webinar. Attendees could ask questions throughout the event, to be answered on the spot or later in the webinar by the Munro’s team.

The Outcome

  • Highly engaged audience with 80% of registrants asking questions.
  • Opportunity to establish presence and authority in this space.

Email Marketing

We used email marketing as an essential tool to attract registrations, keep them eager to attend, and nurture them after the webinar was over.

Munro’s had a healthy database of existing clients, past clients, and previous live event attendees. Munro’s emailed these contacts and clearly outlined what they would gain by attending. This generated registrations quickly.

Those who had already registered for the event received two reminders – 1 day and 1 hour before the event started. This helped maximise attendance rates.

During the webinar, all attendees received an email prompting them to book a time to further discuss JobKeeper solutions with one of the presenters as part of a soft nurturing process.

Post-webinar, Munro’s offered all attendees a discounted rate to schedule a phone, video, or in-person consultation session. The offer included a direct link, making the entire process seamless and simple.

The most important objective was to convert attendees into future clients. Email marketing was an imperative part of this strategy.

The Outcome

  • Re-engaged existing clients for additional services.
  • Maintained relationship with previous event attendees.

Social Media Marketing

We identified target audiences who would be well suited to the event topic and used social media marketing to generate high-quality, qualified registrations.

Before crafting social media ads, we did some research to isolate the potential target market and articulate what the average Western Australian business owner looked like. From the data we collected, we were able to identify 3 potential target markets, which formed the basis of our ad groups and creative.

We used Facebook Advertising as the primary driver for event registrations. We tested a host of different messaging and creative, and built campaigns optimised for conversions.

We leveraged Facebook remarketing to retarget users who had landed on the Eventbrite registration page but not registered. These users received more persuasive messaging and were successful in generating the lowest cost per acquisition (CPA).

We also used LinkedIn advertising as an additional outlet to generate awareness and registrations. LinkedIn’s unique targeting options meant we were able to isolate individuals who owned or operated small- to medium-sized businesses in Perth. This provided an additional means of exposure and generated highly qualified registrations.

The Outcome

  • 140+ registrations at a competitive CPA in 6 days.
  • Increased brand exposure.

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The Result

By moving fast to capitalise on this great opportunity.

Munro’s was able to provide a highly valuable webinar to engaged Western Australian business owners.

Through strategic marketing pre- and post-webinar, the company generated high volumes of leads. Munro’s has now defined a model which it has continued to use to connect with its target audience online.

  • 642%

    Increase In Attendance

    642% increase in attendance from this webinar to the last live event.

  • 300%

    Increase In Form Submissions

    Significant increase in leads from the month prior.

  • 70%

    Attendance Rate

    High registration to attendance rate.

  • 80%

    Engagement Rate

    High engagement rate from over 140 captive attendees.

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