Case Study

Gino’s Panel and Paint

Creative Facebook campaign targeting achieves a successful recruitment outcome at a competitive cost per acquisition (CPA) for Gino’s Panel and Paint.

  • $54.52

    Cost Per Acquisition

    A competitive cost per job application of $54.52 was achieved.

  • 102

    Expressions of Interest

    102 valid applications were secured as expressions of interest.

  • 13

    Apprentices Hired

    All 13 apprentice positions were successfully filled.

The Client

Gino’s Panel and Paint is a local, family-owned smash repairer and panel beater company based in South Fremantle. The company upholds exceptional standards in its procedures and staff.

Gino’s has been an integral part of the local community since 1973, delivering excellent customer service and high-quality accident repairs. Those in the industry regard the company as a leading employer, as acknowledged by the Motor Trade Association of WA (MTAWA).

The Challenge

The client had a significant number of available apprenticeship positions to fill. It had recently struggled to find any number of suitable candidates using typical channels, including referrals from the industry trade association.

This was at a time of nationwide automotive industry recruitment issues, which made it hard to  attract and retain workers.

Considering the nature of the target audience, the first challenge was to find a solution that would reach those potential candidates. The campaign also had to attract a wide enough audience for the client to be selective with potential candidates.


  • Create a campaign that would generate click-through and leads.
  • Reach and compel a relevant audience.
  • Produce a tailored landing page for efficient lead submission.
  • Achieve enough expressions of interest from the target audience to justify the marketing costs.


The Solution

We saw a chance to help Gino’s find apprentices by using our Perth digital marketing services to develop a creative Facebook campaign that would create relevant awareness among potential candidates and their parents. The end result would be a successful recruitment drive at a competitive CPA.

Before launching the campaign, we designed a dedicated landing page to emphasise the key employer advantages. We included an efficient form for quick-fire expression of interest registrations.

Rather than looking solely at the primary target audience of potential candidates, we used creative thinking to target a key secondary audience. This extended the audience from predominantly males in their late teens to include parents with a vested interest in their child’s fledgling career.

We created multiple campaigns, varying in terms of imagery, wording, and audience. The campaigns attracted 102 expressions of interest, which ultimately led to Gino’s hiring 13 apprentices.

Landing Page

We wrote the landing page to include the key aspects mentioned within the copy of the Facebook Ads, emphasising the selling points of the opportunity.

The form was easy and simple, catering to the needs of those applying. At this stage of the hiring process, we only needed names and contact details. This minimal requirement favoured the campaign. The Motor Trade Association of WA processed applicants from that point, before sending on the suitable and qualified apprenticeship candidates to our client.

Audience Targeting

Targeting was the key to reach a large, relevant audience. By segmenting these at the campaign level, we could learn and optimise as the campaign progressed.

Targeting parents gave the campaign a much wider audience. It meant the ads reached those who might sign up their child. We also targeted females in their late teens, applying filters to ensure relevance.

The client chose timing that meant the campaign could target people reaching the end of compulsory schooling and deciding what they will do through summer and the following year. We reflected this is in the age groups we used for the campaign audience settings, which allowed for specific ad copy targeted to this group.

Ad Quality

We tailored the ad copy to the audience that it was aimed. The copy was simple yet pointed. Each audience segment included three ad types, differentiated using three carefully chosen images.

The employer was truthfully positioned as an industry leader and the images supported this. They featured a big happy team, state-of-the-art spray booths, and shiny new equipment, rather than typical images of panel beating or spray-painting.

The copy also highlighted the simple process of submitting an application, which could be the starting point to something bigger.

Below are some examples of the content we produced.

Gino's Panel and Paint Facebook Ads

The Outcome

  • Gino’s were able to engage with a large and relevant audience.
  • Expressions of interest were 7.8x the available apprenticeships.
  • The campaign was turned off after 42 days as a result.

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Gino’s Panel and Paint

Aaron Scagliotta

Gino’s Panel and Paint

All of this with an industry saying that we can’t get apprentices.


The Result

In the end, the results exceeded the client’s expectations.

Running for a 42-day period, the campaign generated 102 applicants that were then sent on to the MTAWA to qualify. The client had the luxury of being able to interview more applicants than available apprenticeships.

Six months have since passed and of the 13 apprentices that were originally hired, 12 are still working at Gino’s Panel and Paint.

The outcome was met with a resounding vote of approval from the client, having generated leads not otherwise available, with a $708.85 campaign spend and a cost per acquisition of $54.52.

  • $54.52

    Cost Per Acquisition

    A competitive cost per lead of $54.52 was achieved.

  • 102

    Expressions of Interest

    102 valid applications were secured as expressions of interest.

  • 13

    Apprentices Hired

    All 13 apprentice positions were successfully filled.

  • $708.85

    Campaign Spend

    Total advertising campaign spend upon completion was $708.85.

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