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See how we used small business SEO and multi-channel digital marketing to take this local panel beater from online obscurity to a national award winner in 6 months!

  • 14 %

    SEM Conversion Rate

    Google Ads Search campaigns had an average conversion rate of 14.2%.

  • 377 %

    Organic Search Traffic

    Organic Search traffic increased from 144 to 544 sessions per month.

  • 550 %

    Total Website Traffic

    Visitors increased from 350 per month to 1,950 per month.

Ginos Panel and Paint logo

The Client

Gino’s Panel & Paint is a local, family owned auto body shop in South Fremantle. Working closely with major insurers such as RAC and Allianz, Gino’s specialise in insurance claim accident repairs for the southern suburbs of Perth, WA.

The Challenge

Despite being known for outstanding customer service and excellence in every aspect of the automotive accident repair industry for nearly 50 years, Gino’s online presence was letting them down.

A strong brand presence backed by positive online reviews were becoming a necessity in their market to remain competitive. Gino’s basic, outdated website and scarce online presence was losing them market share.

The Objectives

Living Online was asked to build a new website for Gino’s and help them increase brand awareness and enquiries through our expert digital marketing services, focusing on driving highly qualified insurance claim repair bookings.

The Solution

A multi-channel digital marketing strategy was employed to reach the local market at multiple touch points, all serving to generate relevant traffic and support the SEO strategy.

Particular care was taken to ensure that highly qualified leads be targeted and nurtured, whilst providing a high customer service experience via search engine optimisation (SEO), search engine marketing (Google Ads & Microsoft Ads), social media marketing (Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube), content marketing via blog and newsletter, and even the design and management of a chatbot!


Living Online not only built a new website, but also created a new brand strategy for Gino’s based on their values and brand strengths.

The creative and language used in the content and advertising strategy distinguished them from the competition and communicated their USPs clearly to their target market. Gino’s brand is now instantly recognised in their target market and their great reputation is clearly cemented with customers championing their brand in online reviews and on social media.

Web Design

Built in WordPress, Gino’s new fully responsive website highlights the depth and breadth of their service offerings, as well as being beautifully designed!

We created dedicated landing pages and a clear conversion path to an Estimate Form, with key messages updated to ensure insurance claim customers were the focus.

ginos website


Highly optimised for the local area, we have steadily grown organic traffic through onsite and offsite white hat SEO.

In the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), Gino’s now has 49 tracked keywords ranking in the top 10 and nearly half of their website pages ranking on the first page.

Most importantly they are dominating the first position for their most valuable keywords such as ‘panel beaters Fremantle’ – even ranking above directory and comparison/quote sites – where of course they also strongly feature!

Gino's SEO growth

Google Ads

With over 2,200 keywords across nine highly optimised campaigns, we ensured the right service was placed in front of the right person at precisely the right time.

Advanced targeting techniques ensured we hit Gino’s specific catchment area and didn’t waste valuable advertising budget on the wrong demographic or geographic.

Content Marketing

Launched with the new website, we created a Gino’s blog to drive online traffic. Attracting an online following of car enthusiasts and Perth motorists, the blog posts are popular in the local target market.

Driving further growth, Living Online launched “The Inside Track”, Gino’s email newsletter.

As at Edition #7 there are nearly 3,500 subscribers with a 30% open rate!

ginos newsletter

Social Media

Taking Gino’s community connection to the next level online, Living Online have built and maintain a professional and friendly social media presence on Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

Utilising advanced targeting methods on Facebook and LinkedIn, Gino’s are driving engagement by reaching their target market on their Newsfeeds with specific messaging tailored to them.

Chatbot Messenger

The highly skilled admin team spent a lot of their time responding to repetitive questions, which took them away from providing more in-depth customer service and advice regarding insurance, repairs and bookings.

So we designed a simple chatbot! GinoBot has proven to be extremely helpful in reducing repetitive queries to the administration staff (such as what are your business hours, where are you located etc) and also to qualify and filter genuine leads for the business.

ginos chatbot

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Aaron Scagliotta, Director

Gino’s Panel and Paint

With Living Online as our partners we have implemented a digital marketing strategy, which has dramatically lifted our online profile via SEO, Google Ads, social media and a superior interactive web design. From showcasing our services, promoting our business to providing interesting industry news to keep our clients engaged and updated, our digital marketing highlights key features of our business which make us stand out from the rest as experts in our field.

The Result

In a tight market, Gino’s are expanding their services and operations. The company growth is backed by a now solid and trusted brand, offline and online – clearly communicated to their target market and their industry.

They were also awarded the Digital Excellence Award winner in the Australasian Paint & Panel Bodyshop Awards!

  • 14%

    SEM Conversion Rate

    Google Ads Search campaigns had an average conversion rate of 14.2%.

  • 30%

    Email Open Rate

    Email newsletters have a 30% open rate from nearly 3,500 subscribers.

  • 377%

    Organic Search Traffic

    Organic Search traffic increased from 144 to 544 sessions per month.

  • 550%

    Total Website Traffic

    Visitors increased from 350 per month to 1,950 per month.

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