Case Study

Elizabeth Residences

A luxury development that we rebranded and overhauled the marketing strategy for, to target the right buyer demographic and improve sales conversions.

  • 1

    One Month Taken To Rebrand

    An entire re-brand strategy developed and implemented within 1 month.

  • 1428 %

    Lead to Sale Conversions

    Lead to sale conversions improved by an astounding 1428%.

  • 5

    Five Months (Sold Out)

    The development sold within 5 months of rebranding.

Elizabeth Residences logo

The Client

Jones Realty & Projects are Perth’s award-winning development project sales and marketing team. The company is trusted by Western Australia’s leading developers for end-to-end real estate, development, and financial services.

Jones Realty & Projects partnered with us to market the Elizabeth Residences, a high-end property development in Cottesloe. Its prime location is just 100m from the beach and 5 minutes from Cottesloe Central. The development comprises 8 stylish boutique apartments, each valued between $1.5 & $2.5 million.

The Challenge

As with any property development, the challenge is selling the apartments off the plan, before or during the construction phase. When we started work on the project, none of the apartments had been sold. During the 6 months prior to the re-brand, the sales team converted 2 sales from leads generated, however, 1 fell through. The quality was low and the sales team was struggling to convert. The project was close to entering the construction phase.

The existing branding was not adequately representing the premium nature of the apartments on offer. Various digital marketing campaigns had resulted in a reasonable quantity of leads. It was clear, however, that they were not qualified leads from people that were in market to buy higher-cost boutique apartments.

This negatively affected the sales team’s ability to convert leads into sales. The time spent on each lead reduced their efficiency.


  • Our goal was to attract the right type of buyers, in market right now, who can afford to buy a luxury development priced between $1.5M – $2.4M
  • Build a new website, to effectively portray the premium nature of the apartments through branding, imagery, messaging, and user journey.
  • Create a tailored user journey to emotively appeal to an elevated buyer.


The Solution

It was immediately clear that the positioning of the branding elements did not reflect the true value proposition of the development.

By repositioning specific elements, we were able to raise the profile and tailor the user journey, ensuring the branding appealed to the right buyer. This included an overhaul of the brand fonts and colours, the visual imagery used, and the brand messaging.

Updating Visuals

While the renders used to represent the project were technically accurate and showed valuable aspects of the development and the individual apartments, there was considerable scope for improvement.

The main criteria for updating the renders was to showcase the liveability of the apartments, not just the structural elements. With our experience, we were able to implement a valuable visual strategy that allowed for better visualisation of living space and resulted in a fantastic outcome!

We managed this whole process to make it easier for the client, including specific guidance of angles, styling, lighting, white cards, and processing feedback from the client and internal review.

Below is an example, where we adjusted the kitchen and living room render, to exclude the hallway door and better depict multiple living spaces, creating a greater sense of size and warmth.

Elizabeth Residences Kitchen Render Transformation
Before (click to enlarge)

Elizabeth Residences kitchen render

After (click to enlarge)

Elizabeth Residences kitchen render

The suitable furnishings gave a sophisticated beachside impression and allowed interested parties to visualise how they would use the space.

A good example of this is in the outdoor balcony render, below. We swapped out the outdoor dining set for a more relaxed chair and coffee table setting. This change created a higher sense of space, but also one of relaxed luxury and a space to unwind.

The plants and chairs, combined with the background scenery and beaming natural light, capped by the bottle of sparkling on the coffee table, provide a welcome setting.

Elizabeth Residences Lounge Balcony Render Transformation
Before (click to enlarge)

Elizabeth Residences balcony render

After (click to enlarge)

Elizabeth Residences balcony render

As a beachside development, the Elizabeth Residence location was a huge selling point. The imagery needed to adequately represent this. The rooftop apartment balcony render was an ideal opportunity to showcase this.

The example below shows how the angle, furnishings, and time of day can create a different scene. The render focuses less on the courtyard structure and includes more relevant furnishings.  Ultimately, however, the eye is drawn to the sunset. Such imagery allows potential buyers to visualise themselves in the moment, and what they might regularly experience in the future.

Elizabeth Residences Rooftop Balcony Render Transformation
Before (click to enlarge)

Elizabeth Residences rooftop render

After (click to enlarge)

Elizabeth Residences rooftop render


  • The updated renders were used on the website, in digital brochures, and in digital marketing completing a full makeover of the development’s visual representation.
  • The sales team was in a better position to sell the development.
  • This new imagery then lent itself to other aspects of the upgrade, including brand messaging and the personality of each apartment.

Apartment Personality

Buying an apartment off the plan, or any property purchase for that matter, entails a high involvement purchase decision. To effectively market such a product, creating an emotional connection is a huge advantage.

To do so, we chose names for each of the apartments to differentiate and define them. These names reflected oceanic themes from past and present. For example, ‘Leilani’ is a girl’s name originating from Hawaii, meaning heaven and royal, and ‘Pelorus’ is a reference tool for maintaining the bearing of a vessel at sea.

A template with a main feature image on the webpage showcases each unique apartment’s personality. The listed apartment’s features, and its defining characteristics, are in the body copy. Unique touches, like a sea-inspired icon next to the name of the apartment, add to the feel.

Elizabeth Residences Apartment Feature (click to enlarge)

Apartment Personality for property development



  • We created conversion points for each apartment (floorplans and specific enquiry) allowing people to engage according to their wants, and for the sales team to be better informed when discussing with the prospect.
  • Freedom to develop advertising campaigns that were specifically promoting unique apartments, rather than generally selling the whole development.
  • We had the ability to align buyer needs to a specific apartment allowing for tailored customer journeys.

Brand Messaging

Having updated branding and with imagery in the process of completion, we needed accompanying messaging to tie the update together. We carried the tone of ‘coastal luxury, premium location, architecture, and construction’ throughout the digital assets. Here is an example from the opening sequence on the home page.

“Putting you just a stone’s throw away from Cottesloe’s pristine white sandy beaches, culinary pleasures and a calibre of boutiques and entertainment, you will thrive in luxurious coastal living, while coming home to a residence with distinct beauty allowing you to cultivate the premium ocean retreat experience.”

By carrying emotive language through the messaging, we enhanced the connection we set out to achieve. Each apartment had its own personality, and it was clear this was a premium development.


  • The messaging reflected the premium development, echoed by the imagery and branding.
  • The tone of voice extended to the digital marketing ads, contributing toward reaching and engaging the intended audience.

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The Result

We undertook research to define the target market for this product, rebranded, and launched a new website with a new ‘look, message, and attraction’ to appeal to this target market and generate high-quality leads.

As the project was time-sensitive, we split it into two phases.

In the first phase of the project, we worked with the developer to define the required updates for the renders, whilst launching the new website, with new branding and messaging, two newly created renders, and some of the existing ones.

The new renders were finalised in March 2021 and phase two saw these renders updated across the website and all associated marketing collateral.

Over the next two months, 3 apartments sold and by the end of that financial year, the remaining 3 in the development sold.

The Elizabeth Residences rebrand allowed the digital marketing better attract the right type of customer and achieved the resultant high-value sales. The development is expected to be complete in September 2022.

  • 1

    One Month Taken to Rebrand

    An entire re-brand strategy developed and implemented within 1 month.

  • 1428%

    Increase in Lead to Sale Conversions

    Lead to sale conversions improved by an astounding 1428%.

  • 5

    Five Months (Sold Out)

    The development sold within 5 months of rebranding.

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