Case Study

Benchmark Specialist Property Managers

See how our multi-channel digital marketing campaign for this leading property management agency increased their property portfolio size by 44%.

  • 44 %

    Property Portfolio

    The properties under management increased by 44% (and continues to rise).

  • 45 %

    Lower Vacancy Rate

    Rental vacancy rates dropped to 45% less than the industry benchmark.

  • 691 %

    Social Media Traffic

    Social media traffic is up by 691% through paid and organic activities.

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The Client

Benchmark Specialist Property Managers are a leading property management agency that services Perth’s northern suburbs. The company identified a gap in the market for specialist property managers and filled it with leading customer service and high quality solutions. The Benchmark business model was a success; their clients loved the focused approach and the financials stacked up. It was now time to rapidly grow the business.

The Challenge

Benchmark was providing a great service, but they weren’t growing fast enough. They were facing a high level of competition, so they needed to stand out on the digital marketing front in order to achieve their goals. Put simply, Benchmark had limited visibility in the marketplace, which was constraining expansion of the business.

The Objectives

  • Achieve significant annual increases in Benchmark’s property rental portfolio.
  • Minimise the duration that rental properties remained vacant on the market.
  • Ensure all campaign activities could be measured and evaluated through detailed analytics tracking.

The Solution

To achieve Benchmark’s goals, we delivered a multi-channel digital marketing campaign to reach prospective tenants and landlords through a combination of high-perfoming digital marketing services, such as Facebook Ads, SEO, and Google Ads.

Facebook Advertising

Using radius targeting, we were able to promote property listings using Facebook’s interests and behaviour targeting capabilities. Focusing on relevant purchaser intent maximised the value of ad spend.

Through a combination of direct Facebook advertising and sponsored promotion of content marketing posts, the social media traffic to Benchmark Specialist Property Managers has increased by 691%.

Boosted Facebook posts have allowed Benchmark to become a thought leader in the investment property market, increasing brand awareness amongst landlords, tenants, and property professionals alike.

We used Facebook Ads to promote a series of video testimonials that showcased the Benchmark brand. Further, we used Facebook Ads to acquire a high number of positive reviews from happy clients.

Search Engine Optimisation

We conducted a technical on-page SEO Audit to identify search engine optimisation issues and discover opportunities to improve organic search traffic levels.

The SEO Audit led to a range of on-page optimisations including title tags, XML sitemaps, and URL architecture, that delivered a 53% increase in organic search traffic.

Google Ads

We built and launched a new highly structured Google Ads campaign that featured more than 1,596 keywords across 851 ad groups, allowing for highly relevant placements and reaching those with the highest chance of converting.

To maximise the effectiveness, we utilised data-driven analytics to optimise the campaign through keyword prioritisation, ad scheduling, bid adjustments, and radius targeting.

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Benchmark Specialist Property Managers

Lisa Larsen, Managing Director

Benchmark Specialist Property Managers

One of the challenges that many small businesses face is the dilemma of managing growth. After a re-brand exercise we interviewed a few marketing companies and then were introduced to Living Online. We made the difficult decision to spend in order to get our new brand out there and potentially grow the business.

The results were well beyond our expectations. We grew by 1/3 within 12 months. Besides this, the relationship with Living Online has been very professional, consistent, and has continued to build over time. We have recommended them to several other businesses and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them again.

The Result

In just a few months, our digital marketing activities including SEO, social media, content marketing, and Google Ads helped Benchmark reach new heights.

With a 44% increase in their property portfolio and a large number of happy landlords (and tenants), this company has continued to grow from strength to strength.

  • 44%

    Property Portfolio

    Benchmark signed on 44% new properties to manage.

  • 45%

    Lower Vacancy Rate

    A 45% lower rental property vacancy rate compared to competitors.

  • 691%

    Social Media Traffic

    Paid and organic social media increased nearly 8×.

  • 53%

    Organic Search Traffic

    An SEO Audit led to a large spike in organic search traffic.

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