Are Online Travel Agents Cannibalising Your Hotel's Profits?Are OTAs Cannibalising Your Hotel's Profits?

Exclusive Event: Uncover the Secret to Driving More Direct Bookings and Owning Your Customers

Date:Friday 20th September

Time:8:30am to 10:30am

Place:Bells Function Centre, Perth

Hotel & Resort Masterclass: Take Control Of Your Accommodation Bookings

The hotel accommodation industry is facing a perfect storm of digital disruption. New technologies are wreaking havoc on the status quo.

You need to increase your direct bookings to avoid the price war and survive the fallout.

Join me to learn how to avoid the booking aggregator fee trap and regain control of your customers.”

Evan Cunningham-Dunlop
CEO of Living Online

Evan Cunningham-Dunlop, CEO
Evan Cunningham-Dunlop

Evan Cunningham-Dunlop CEO of Living Online

Evan Cunningham-Dunlop, CEO

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What You’ll Discover At This Unmissable Event

  • The Proven Formula For Driving More Direct Accommodation Bookings
  • Guaranteed Ways To Increase Your Occupancy Rates Without Breaking A Sweat
  • The High-Value Marketing Tactics Of The World’s Best Hotels
  • How To Become Better At Booking Rooms Than You Ever Dreamed You Could Be
  • The Unfair Advantages That Online Travel Agents Use To Steal Your Best Customers
  • The Secret To Controlling Your Bookings While Keeping Your OTA Partners Happy
  • How To Do All Of This… And Increase Your Profit Margins!

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This Event Is Made For You

If you’re an owner, director, CEO, manager, or marketing manager at an independent hotel, resort, or accommodation provider, then this is an event you cannot afford to miss. You’ll walk away with the answers you need to rapidly book-out your rooms, substantially increase your bottom line, and lead your business into the future confidently and successfully.


Online Travel Agents Have Taken Control

You’ve undoubtedly been using websites like, Expedia, or Agoda to increase your bookings. But while they may be helping you generate reservations, they’re also one of your biggest costs and one of your major competitors. What’s more their costs are increasing and sucking the life out of your profit margins. If left unchecked, then you’ll find yourself beholden to the OTA’s price increases with no other alternatives to turn to.

This is a fight for survival. To see what your future holds if you do nothing, then just ask any real estate agency how they feel. You’ll find that they feel like they’ve been taken hostage by the major property listing portals, but they now have no other choice but to comply! They’re struggling and they’re struggling hard. Don’t let this be you.

What’s more, Airbnb is hitting you while you’re down. The relentless rise of the sharing economy has taken massive market share and leaving accommodation providers all over the world hurting through lost market share. The sharing economy has driven many businesses to the wall (Uber vs Taxi anyone?), so unless you want to suffer this certain fate then it’s time to face the problem head on.


You Need To Get More Bookings Through Your Own Website

Protect your profits by regaining control. By using accommodation-specific digital marketing strategies to increase website traffic, improve user experience, and drive reservations, you’ll be able to channel prospective customers into booking directly with your business. This will allow you to increase bookings and avoid those hefty fees, without missing out on the visibility and opportunities that hotel search engines can bring. You need to do this this in order to survive. It’s that simple.


This Event Has All The Answers You Need

Join this exclusive 2-hour seminar so you can learn how to take back control of your business by increasing your direct bookings and reducing your reliance on third party websites. We’ll uncover the exact strategies used by the world’s most sophisticated hotel marketers and show you how to apply them to your business.

By attending this event you will learn how to stop ceding control to OTAs, stop losing market share to Airbnb, and turn direct bookings into your primary revenue channel. Don’t delay as this event is sure to sell out.



When and where

Event Map


8:15am – Complimentary pastries & coffee/tea
8:30am – Presentation begins
10:30am – Presentation ends


Bells Function Centre
Upper Level, Pier 3
Barrack Street Jetty
Perth, WA 6000

Date and Time: Friday 20th September, 8:30am to 10:30am


Actionable Advice To Explode Your Bookings

We want to build a stronger industry together by providing you with unparalleled insight into the ways that you can become better marketers and protect your business models. Much of the education we provide will be actionable advice that you can implement yourself if you have the time, while some of the techniques may require expert guidance. We’re hoping that by providing you with so much real value, that you’ll decide you’ve found a trusted new provider for your advanced projects and that it will be the start of a great business relationship for both of us.


Expert Speaker Backed By World-Class Team

Evan Cunningham-Dunlop is the CEO and Founder of internationally recognised and Perth-based digital marketing agency, Living Online. With over 17 years of direct digital marketing experience, hundreds of millions of website visitors under his belt, and a breadth of experience that spans multiple industries and continents, Evan’s advice is sought after by the world’s most innovative and forward-looking companies.



“Evan is a digital marketing genius. He’s one of those people that when you meet, you instantly feel his incredible knowledge and expertise in the area of digital marketing.”

Ben Newport, CEO of HotCopper


The team at Living Online have years of experience working with accommodation providers from all over the world, helping them increase direct bookings, regain control of their booking channels, and reduce their reliance on OTAs. The results of just one of their clients speak for themselves:

131% increase in direct booking revenue
100% increase in nights booked through their website
70% increase in direct bookings market share

We’ve spent years learning how to drive these sorts of results and are excited to share our knowledge with you.


Incredible Value, Fantastic Price

Our expert consulting advice is normally reserved for our prestigious list of trusted clients. We’ve been paid handsomely to help drive exponential international expansion, propel multiple companies to launch on the ASX, and been instrumental in driving companies towards acquisition for many hundreds of millions of dollars.

But in this event, for only $35 and 2 hours of your time, you’ll walk away with specific methods to increase your direct booking revenue and save your business thousands of dollars that would otherwise go to Online Travel Agents (OTAs). Book now to avoid disappointment.


Limited Spots Available; Secure Your Place Today

This event is strictly limited to 50 attendees and is sure to sell out fast so join us on Friday 20th September, 8:30am to 10:30am at Bells Function Centre in Perth for the opportunity to take back control of your bookings and your profit.

Don’t hesitate or it’s likely to be too late. Register for the event below to claim your seat.



P.S. If you’ve scrolled to the end quickly, then here’s a summary for you:

The hotel and accommodation industry is facing an existential threat.
With OTAs gaining tremendous market power and continuing increasing their prices, at the same time as Airbnb taking massive market share, the writing is on the wall if you do nothing.
We’ve already seen the impact market disruptors like Uber have had on taxis, UberEATS on restaurants, on property, and Netflix on TV. The accommodation industry is similarly being upended by accommodation booking portals and the sharing economy.

Countless businesses and industries have been forced out by market disruption; don’t let yours become another causality of technology.

You can either be a passenger and watch it happen, or you can be a fighter.

Quite simply, if you want to drive more direct bookings and ensure the survival of your business, then this presentation provides tremendous value for money and is not to be missed.

Register today and learn how to take back control of your reservation channels.