Why Hire A Perth Digital Marketing Agency

Your business is going digital! But should you hire a Perth digital marketing agency to do the work for you, a single freelancer, or try doing it yourself?

While the DIY and freelancer approach might seem tempting (smaller upfront cost to start with), partnering with experts who live and breathe digital marketing every day delivers waaaaay bigger results for long-term growth and success.

Here’s the lowdown on why hiring a local digital marketing agency in Perth is the way to go.

Marketing Genius At Your Fingertips

An experienced, quality digital marketing agency in Perth can bring cutting-edge strategies they’ve honed from years of driving strong campaigns with an outstanding ROI for their clients. With how fast digital moves, their know-how is priceless! Meanwhile, your cheap “digital marketing guru” neighbour in the Perth hills is just one guy, still trying to use the tricks that worked over a decade ago but are obsolete now.

Execute Faster With Your Dream Team

An established digital agency squad has the resources to turn around fantastic digital marketing campaigns FAST and to a high-quality, compared to relying on a single person who is juggling a mountain of other clients and tasks, and has limited resources and knowledge. And no need to worry about new hires either if your marketing demands increase, it’s the agency’s responsibility to make sure you’ve always got the right resources and experienced consultants working on your campaigns.

Maximise That ROI

Good Perth digital marketing agencies have been working on a wide range of clients, industries, and marketing budgets (from a couple of hundred dollars, to a couple hundred thousand dollars!) for YEARS. So they know exactly how to optimise budgets across channels for the highest ROI for your business. This insider knowledge on what converts results in superior returns for your consulting and advertising investment. Your mate who is “doing you a favour” by managing your budgets? Has he been able to turn a thousand dollars of advertising budget into $10,000 of revenue for your business? Yeah… we thought so.

Stay On Top Of Trends

We all know how fast digital marketing trends can come and go. It can feel almost impossible to know what platforms, channels, and digital marketing services are here to stay, and what are just mere blips in history. Agencies often have dedicated learning projects to continuously upskill, and with direct connection to their agency contacts at Facebook and Google, they are often the first to know what new channels, advertising formats, and strategies are being released. This means that your business can always have that competitive edge over your competitors. At Living Online, our contacts at Google and Facebook even let us try out new ad formats and bidding strategies that are still in beta phase before they are even released to the public – how cool is that?

An Objective Perspective

If you’re paying a family member or friend to do your digital marketing for you, they may not want to rock the boat and tell you when your ideas are… well… rubbish. Or they may get so deep into your business that they can’t see the forest for the trees. A Perth digital marketing agency provides a fresh perspective on how your company can do to connect with audiences and stand out from competitors. They will still love and support you like a friend, but they’ll be able to make objective recommendations on exactly what your business needs to do to achieve your goals, without getting bogged down in your business politics.

Access Top Talent & Technology

Great award-winning digital marketing agencies are more likely to attract all-start individuals across website design, development, writing, analytics, and more. Plus they’re more likely to be able to afford expensive software that they can then use to analyse and create your campaigns. This talent and marketing technology stack can give you a powerful advantage over your competitors.

Save Time & Effort

By outsourcing digital marketing to a local Perth agency that has a reputation for delivering outstanding results (cough cough Living Online cough cough), then you and your team can get back countless hours to focus on what you do best – running your business, closing those sales, and providing amazing customer service, products, and solutions.

Seamless Digital Integration

The right digital marketing agency can expertly weave your strategies across your website, social media, advertising, emails, text messages, and more, into a cohesive brand experience for your employees, prospects, and customers alike! That single freelancer who only works on your SEO isn’t going to have the knowledge or insight to do that for you.

Lower Stress, Higher Peace of Mind

Most importantly, letting the right digital marketing professionals manage your online accounts gives you one less thing to stress about – no more guesswork, risk-taking, or worrying (well, about your digital marketing at least!). Just focus on growing your business while the experts focus on driving more high-quality leads for the best price.

Convinced that a Perth agency is a better fit than that friend of a friend of your mum’s neighbour’s dog? The seasoned professionals at Living Online have the experience, talent, and passion to accelerate your growth. Let’s connect today.

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