What Does A Perth Digital Marketing Professional Do?

Ok, so you’ve been convinced of the miracles that digital marketing can do for your Perth business, and have on your To-Do list to hire a local professional, stat! But… what actually will they be doing behind the scenes to work their digital magic?

In a nutshell, the job of a digital marketing professional is to build your online presence and promote your brand, products, and services through the digital channels where your customers spend their time. They do everything from devising the strategy and executing it, through to performing ongoing optimisation to ensure you continue getting the best bang for your buck! More leads, lower cost per lead – it isn’t just a dream any longer.

Let’s dive deeper into some of the main tasks and responsibilities a digital marketing professional can do to help supercharge your business.

Digital Audit

After getting a firm understanding of your Perth business, your customers, and your objectives, the first thing a digital marketer should do is audit your existing online presence. What does your website look like – is it a lean, mean, converting machine, or is it clunkier than a 90-year-old trying to use a computer for the first time? What do your socials look like – are they filled with stunning, engaging posts, or are they just plain… sad? This digital marketing audit provides the perfect foundation for what needs to come next.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Once they know what they have to work with, a great digital marketing professional will then create a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that outlines what channels you’ll focus on, what messaging you’ll use, what promotions you’ll run, and what campaigns will work together to attract, nurture, and convert your ideal customer at every step of their journey. This will be a piece of work so beautiful it will bring a tear to your eye.

Website Management

Your website is the mothership of your operation – there’s no point spending money attracting people to your site if it doesn’t successfully sell who you are and what you do. Would you fly business class, only to arrive at your destination and stay in a roach-ridden, 1-star motel that’s seen better days? A digital marketing professional will edit copy, update imagery, and improve the overall look and feel of the website so it’s more attractive than the other people left at a nightclub’s closing time. Your digital pro will also optimise your site for speed, mobile responsiveness, and search engine visibility, either by themselves or in conjunction with a web developer, depending on their own web development skill level.

SEO Campaigns

Through strategic keyword research, content creation, site optimisation, and link building (plus so much more!), a digital marketing professional is able to use Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to help your website rank high on that first page (and hopefully first position) on Google and other search engines. This brings in customers like moths to a flame, and money to your wallet – ca-ching!

Content Marketing

Blogging, videos, whitepapers… a great digital marketer will produce high-quality and engaging content in different formats, then use this to bait your ideal customer into learning more about your business, then converting into a loyal client! It’s the perfect sneaky tactic – provide so much value through your content that they’ll have no choice but to be convinced that you’re the one and only business for their needs.

Paid Advertising Campaigns

From Facebook to Google and everything in between, paying to have text, image, and video ads reach your target market no matter where in Perth or the world they are browsing, is crucial. Your digital marketing professional will create, manage, and optimise these paid campaigns which should work together across all platforms to get in front of qualified prospects and inspire them to take action, for a great ROI! You should just be able to sit back, relax, and watch those conversions pour in!

Social Media Management

Along with paid campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat, and other social media platforms, great Perth digital marketing professionals can cultivate loyal online communities around your brand, growing and engaging your following through strategic posts, contests, promotions, and influencer partnerships. Want to go viral? A good marketer will help you do that!

Email Marketing

Using specialised software, digital marketers can create a wide range of email marketing campaigns. Whether it’s in the form of newsletters, welcome emails, abandoned cart follow-up emails, promotions, or a nurturing email series spanning several weeks, email marketing is one of the best ways for you continually communicate with your leads, staying top-of-mind, and eventually convincing them to convert.

Analyse and Optimise

All good digital marketers should be regularly analysing the performance of your digital marketing campaigns and website, and making the required changes so you can get the highest number of qualified leads and sales, for the lowest possible price.

So Much More

The above is just the tip of the iceberg! Depending on your business, your digital marketing professional will also run remarketing campaigns, text campaigns, and so much more. They should always be staying on top of digital trends, and constantly evolving your digital strategy as your customers and the world around us changes.

But remember that every digital marketing professional is different – some are more experienced in certain digital marketing services (e.g. they might kill it on social media, but struggle with more technical SEO), and others are good at everything, but not great. This is why many businesses choose to work with a Perth digital marketing agency so they can get access to experts in every area of digital marketing, often for less than what they’d pay a full-time digital marketing professional!

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