How To Choose A Perth Digital Marketing Agency

Deciding your business needs digital marketing – it’s a no-brainer. But choosing the right Perth agency to work with is more difficult than trying to decide whether to cut the blue or red wire on a bomb… except this is even riskier because it’s your livelihood and career you’re dealing with!

Below we share our top tips when it comes to choosing the right digital marketing agency in Perth to help bring your business’s digital dreams to life.


Look into the experience an agency has – have they dealt with similar industries or companies to yours before? What types of approaches did they take, and what results did they see? Does this align with what you’re after?

Services Offered

Full-service digital marketing agencies can do SEO, social media, web design, email marketing, and more in-house – they are a one-stop shop with an arsenal of experienced specialists at their disposal. Other agencies only offer specific digital marketing services, like just content, or just SEO. Most businesses find they get the biggest bang for their buck with an integrated campaign across multiple channels – so choose your fighter!

Proof & Hard Evidence

Perth digital marketing agencies have digital marketers – so they can make themselves sound like demi-gods of digital! But you don’t someone that can talk the talk, you want to make sure they can walk the walk too. Check out their website and see what case studies they have, and what results they’ve delivered for previous clients. Great digital marketing agencies will be able to show results that have directly improved a company’s bottom line, not just pretty metrics that don’t mean anything, like “impressions”. Impressions are cool, but they don’t bring home the cheddar. Checking out their awards, and what they’ve been nominated for, and won, is a great way to help weed out the good from the bad.


Similar to detailed case studies focusing on important metrics, testimonials go a long way in proving that this Perth agency is the real deal. Look for testimonials on their website, and on other places, like their Google listing, Facebook page, and local directories like Yelp. A company that doesn’t have any reviews, or a lot of bad ones, is definitely one to steer clear of.

Tailored Strategies

In the sales process, do they give you an obvious cookie-cutter pitch, where you’ll get exactly the same services and strategies as every other company that walks through their door? Or, do they perform an in-depth requirements gathering to understand your brand, customers, challenges and what you really need to grow your business (not what you think you do!), then present a tailored, agile solution catered just for you? The agencies that spend more time upfront are the ones that are going to look after you well after the deal is sealed.


It’s unfortunate, but it’s true – many digital marketing companies in Perth, including some of the more well-known ones, will charge a premium for a service, then they may only spend an hour a month actually working on your account. That’s not cricket! But it is common place ☹
Look for an agency that has open, transparent reporting, and can show you exactly who has done what, and when, for your business each month to make sure you’re getting what you pay for. If an agency can’t show you timesheets or a document showing what they’ve worked on and how they’ve moved the needle.. there’s a reason for that!

Results Reporting

You’re spending money on an agency in Perth to grow your business online – but is it actually working? Look for agencies that can provide easy-to-understand dashboards and regular reporting which shows exactly what platforms are generating what results, and what metrics like your Cost per Lead, Return on Investment, and Return on Ad Spend are. Make sure they are analysing the performance on a regular basis, and providing proactive recommendations on ways to improve both their digital marketing and your business in general.

A Partner In Digital

You don’t want a digital marketing agency that just sits at their desk, waiting for instruction from you on what to focus on or do next. If you wanted to micro-manage someone, you’d hire them in-house! Instead, look for an agency that can give you proactive strategies, has strong communication skills, and are keen to act as a digital extension of your business, a partner in your success, not just a nameless company working on who-knows-what in the background.

Unfortunately, there are plenty of digital marketing cowboys (not the good sort) in Perth. But by looking for an agency that has the experience, the proof, the testimonials, and the qualities you value, it can be easy to find the shining beacon of light and hope you’re looking for.

Does this help summarise the main key factors in choosing the best digital marketing agency in Perth for your business? If you’re looking for an agency that ticks all of the boxes and who is waiting to become an extension of your team, choose Living Online. Let’s discuss our pending partnership today!

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