How Much Does Perth Digital Marketing Cost?

If you’re managing a company in Perth, you know you need to be promoting your products and services online to get more customers.

But are you wondering ‘What’s it going to cost me’? Fair question – just because digital marketing is important, it doesn’t mean you want it draining your budget like an overpriced smashed avo on toast.

The price tag for digital marketing varies more than Perth’s weather – some companies charge eye-watering prices, and others appear to be a steal (but you know there’s a catch… there’s always a catch). There’s no single ‘one price fits all’ cost – it changes greatly based on a large range of factors. It’s like walking into a home builder and saying you want a house. Ok – do you want a small shed built out past Rockingham for a few thousand dollars? Or a multi-million-dollar luxury mansion in Mosman Park? Digital marketing is the same.

But, we can break it down for you to help you get an idea of what to budget for when it comes to digital marketing in Perth.

What affects how much digital marketing costs?

Depending on your business, digital marketing costs should be tailored to your specific needs. Prices can vary depending on things like:

  • Industry – some niches, like law or medical, are more competitive than others, which means you’ll need to spend more on pay-per-click platforms to see an impact on your bottom line.
  • Location – are you just targeting customers in Perth? No problem! But if your client base extends across to Sydney or Melbourne, or even globally, you’ll need to pay more in order to reach everyone you want.
  • Campaign size – an ambitious campaign with lots of content, ads and keywords will cost more than a small, localised campaign.
  • Channels – every digital marketing service is different. SEO is technically free because it doesn’t require an advertising cost, but you do need to pay for a specialist to do the on-page and off-page strategies required. Facebook and Google Ads each have different costs, as does every other type of digital marketing platform.
  • Agency vs freelancer – working with an agency will cost more than DIY-Doug down the road, but it will very often be worth it.
  • One-time vs ongoing – some services like building a website can be a once-off payment, while other services are more long-term strategies that need ongoing work, like SEO.

As such, no two digital marketing budgets are the same. To work out the budget for your Perth business in order to hit your specific objectives, you need a custom strategy tailored to you.

Some other key factors that influence your Perth digital marketing investment include:

  • Number of campaigns: Running multiple concurrent campaigns across different channels costs more, but it will often result in faster results and a stronger ROI when all channels work together to convince your target market into taking the designed action.
  • Campaign complexity: Highly targeted, personalised and integrated cross-channel campaigns have higher costs. Again, this can result in a higher return on investment at the end of the day.
  • Quality over quantity: stunning imagery, flashy videos, and riveting content will cost more, but – you guessed it, deliver much better results.

How much should you spend on Perth digital marketing?

So what’s the ‘right’ amount to spend on digital marketing in Perth?

Unfortunately, there’s no perfect dollar figure. It requires balancing your budget with campaign needs to get the best ROI.

The best way to create an optimal budget is to partner with a Perth digital marketing agency like Living Online. Our team can assess your business goals and build a customised digital marketing plan for Perth to maximise your investment.

Let’s chat more about putting the ideal budget and digital strategy in place to grow your business!

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