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Running a successful digital marketing campaign is not an exact science. We know the struggles of creating and launching a digital marketing strategy.

When our Perth digital marketing consultants onboard clients, their campaigns are already set-up in one way or another. Over the past 9 years we’ve seen numerous reasons why a client’s digital campaign may be failing. All in all, some issues are easy to identify while others require more complex analysis.

Here are 5 of the most common reasons why your digital marketing campaigns are failing.

Poorly Planned Campaigns Fail

Most digital marketing campaigns include a focus on these popular digital marketing services – Google Ads, Analytics, social media advertising and website optimisation. The most common issues are found in the basic structure of these platforms.

  • Keywords – Keyword research is crucial to any successful marketing campaign. However, it is amazing how many campaigns don’t spend proper time researching the average search volumes for keywords. Whether the keyword research is done to build a Google Ads campaign or refresh the text on your website, a few hours of keyword research will change the success of your campaign.
  • Targeting – In addition to keyword research, targeting is one of the most important elements of marketing campaigns. Using the details you have on your customers will ensure that ads are being shown to the right people. Targeting your campaigns can be done by interests, location, age, marital status and more.
  • Budgets – While advertising budgets can be spread over a variety of avenues, ensuring that you have enough money dedicated to digital marketing is crucial to its success. If you only have a small budget to work with, it is paramount that the keywords and targeting have been researched and optimised properly.

Digital marketing audits can be a lifesaver here, where all campaigns are analysed in detail to identify issues and opportunities for improvement. Spending a small amount of time and money on these audits can result in hundreds of thousands of dollars of extra revenue – and we aren’t even kidding!

Not Receiving Contact Forms

It may seem inconceivable, but enquiry forms not reaching the client is more common than you think. Clients have approached us claiming to not have received an enquiry for months, only to find that the forms are pending in cyber space. This is an easy fix through the installation of the website CMS plugin. Here at Living Online, we recommend SendGrid, Postman SMTP, MailGun and WP Mail.

Contact form plugins

SEO Migration

Whether updating from HTTP to HTTPS, rebranding or changing platforms, changing your URL is not always an easy task. SEO migrations require extensive planning and a comprehensive checklist to work through to ensure that website traffic isn’t negatively affected. Common mistakes include having poor backlinks, no redirects from the old website or having robots.txt not set up correctly.

Broken Website

Whether it be from hacking, server issues, malware or any other interference, when a website breaks, it’s a massive inconvenience. When a website goes down, it can cause your company potential customers and sales. Mitigate damages by ensuring that regular backups are made of your entire website. Setting up automatic backups of your website are easily done through Updraft Plus or Backup Buddy plugins. These save having to rebuild an entire website, either from scratch or from an outdated version of the website.

Poor Website Experience

Many clients who come to us have some of the best products in their industry that just aren’t selling. Clients may not understand that having a large advertising budget or the best product can’t overcome a poor website experience. Some of the most common website experience issues we see include:

  • Website Design – A company’s website should be a direct reflection of their brand and its values.
  • Page Speed – We all know the pain of clicking on a sought-after website only for it to take forever to load. Ensuring that your website loads quickly should be one of your top priorities when it comes to building a landing page. Research by Google suggests that a one second delay in page response can decrease conversions by a staggering 7%!
  • Lack of call to action (CTA) – If you are comparing businesses and their products, you want to ensure that there are clear and actionable pathways for the customer to purchase your product. Call to actions include clear Contact Us pages and buttons, FAQ page, shopping baskets, and chatbots.

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Living Online can provide an obligation-free diagnostic of your website and digital marketing strategy to ensure you are operating at optimum efficiency and gaining a maximum return. So reach out to us and see how our digital marketing agency can ensure your campaigns are set up for success.

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