google reviews

Acquiring high quality reviews on your Google My Business page is extremely important for a number of reasons including:

  • Reviews are a strong signal to Google which will improve your organic search rankings
  • Positive reviews will help you get in the top three local results (snack pack)
  • Reviews provide social proof and build trust amongst consumers
  • Consumers will be more likely to contact a business that has more positive reviews

One thing to remember here is that one review is better than none, so be patient. It’s very unlikely that through any activity you’re going to be able to acquire hundreds of 5 star reviews overnight. In fact this would fire alarm bells at Google as it will look like review fraud and you don’t want to get in the bad books with Google.

One new 5 star review a week would mean 52 reviews a year. In most markets this would see you smashing your competitors when it comes to reviews and developing a competitive advantage on Google.

Keep in mind that you only want positive reviews, so if you know someone is not satisfied with your business then avoid asking this person for a review.

The review hack…

Create a custom audience in Facebook and show ads to that audience asking for a review

In Facebook you’re able to create a custom audience which you can then show ads to. It’s very cheap and very targeted to exactly who you want to communicate with. With the email addresses of your customers you can create the custom audience and if they match to the email address they use to log into Facebook then it’s a match. To learn how to create a custom audience do a search on Google.

*Remember, only include people in your custom audience if they are satisfied customers. Remove any unhappy customers from a list prior to creating your custom audience. We know what kind of review they might leave!

benchmark-Facebook-adThe next step is to create a Facebook advertisement that we will configure to show only to that custom audience. In the image you’re only allowed 20% text, so keep it short. Here is an example of what would work.

Next you need to get the destination URL that you will send the user to when they click on your ad. If you type your business name into Google and then do a search, your Google My Business page and review information should appear on the right. You want to copy and paste the URL that appears after doing the search.

In the case of Benchmark Specialist Property Managers it would look something like this:

That is the destination URL that you need to use in your Facebook ad. If a user goes to that URL they will be taken to a search results page with your Google My Business page on the right.  If you want to include the URL in the post text then use a URL shortener service like bitly ( so that the URL doesn’t take up so much real estate on your post.

Once a user has click on your ad, all they have to do next is click “write review” and they’ll be able to leave you a review.

Check your reviews daily and once someone leaves a review go back to your list of happy clients, find their email, then go to your Facebook custom audience and remove that email address from the custom audience list. That way they will not see the ads after they have left a review. It’s best practice to respond to reviews, so interact, engage and thank someone if they leave a positive review. They just did your business a huge favour, after all.

If your custom audience is huge then you may want to break it up into groups of around 100 people. That way you will not get too many reviews at once which could alert Google.

Good luck.

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