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Your Instagram feed should educate, entertain, assist and motivate your followers. This social media platform has turned into a very cool sales tool, capturing those customers who wouldn’t necessarily visit your website. But, how do you get these customers to take notice of your product or service amid all those images?

If you struggle to think about what type of images you should be posting on Instagram, especially when you are trying to promote your business, then these handy tips will help!

Getting Started on Instagram for your Business

  • Remember that selling on Instagram isn’t like selling on other channels. As a visual platform, you need eye-catching and high-quality images. Take the time to choose the right ones!
  • Think about the vibe and theme of your feed. Are you funny? Are you promoting something serious? Your images should reflect the persona you create for your Instagram feed.
  • Browse through hashtags and popular search terms so that you can optimise your images for high volume search. However- don’t use too many hashtags.
  • You should stick to using the same few filters for all your posts to create consistency across your feed.
  • Tell a story with your brand and create an emotional connection with your followers.
  • Avoid stock photos if you can, and if you can’t avoid it, edit them to fit your brand. Customers have become used to knowing when a stock photo is being used and they usually don’t like them.

Update your Business Profile

You need to make sure your Instagram for Business profile is optimised. Your profile should include:

  • A profile picture which is on brand and easily identifiable (such as your logo).
  • A concise description of what your business offers as your bio.
  • A link to your shop or contact page (you only get one clickable link in your Instagram profile, so make it a good one! You can even change it up depending on what you’re promoting at the time).

Don’t Post an Image Just for the Sake Of It

The images you post should be meaningful, and thought should be put into every image. Think about the below questions before you post an image. Does your post meet one of the below criteria?

  • Is my image timely? Post about an upcoming event.
  • Is the topic of my image trending? Research what’s is popular on Instagram to increase your chance of post engagement.
  • Is my post unique? Ensure your content is imaginative and showcases your USP’s (unique selling propositions).
  • Is my post easy to read and understand in a short amount of time? Post content that is easily digestible while your followers scroll through their feeds.
  • Is there a call to action in my post? Direct your followers to like, share, or comment on your image.

Before posting an image, think about the bigger “picture”

  • You want your customer to picture themselves using your product.
  • Think about your target market- if you are targeting people in their 20’s, don’t show images of the elderly. You want to make the image feel as relatable as possible.
  • Make sure your audience can understand the message of your image without reading the caption.
  • Choose photos that create emotional associations with your brand.

Encourage Engagement on your Instagram Feed

  • Ask your customers to generate their own photos with your product.
  • Use a unique hashtag- when searching that hashtag, you will end up with a stockpile of images.
  • Host competitions. It’s simple- people love to win free stuff and they will usually talk about how excited they are to win it!
  • Celebrate your followers! People love to be “insta-famous” … you can mention your customers in comments, like their photos, and share their photos on your account (but ask permission first).

Selling your Product or Service on your Instagram Profile

Customers have become more aware of marketing strategies and traditional brand advertising, so it’s in the best interest of your business to think of new and exciting ways to market your brand, such as Instagram promotion.

  • A huge part of social media marketing is partnering with Instagram influencers. This form of marketing works because customers trust real people over brand advertisements and the customers already trust the influencer enough to follow them! Ensure you pick someone who is a good fit for your brand as the wrong influencer can be expensive, so you need to be as targeted as possible.
  • You can also add a shoppable Instagram gallery to your store. This allows customers to click through and buy the exact product featured in an Instagram post with ease.
    Another option is Instagram advertisements, where you can reach customers by location, demographics, interests and behaviours. These link traffic directly through to a product page.

If You remember One Instagram Tip for your Business, Remember This One: 

Know your audience! Stop worrying about how many followers you have, and start thinking about what meaningful content you can create to attract the followers that are your exact target market.

Using Instagram For Your Business

Take Your Instagram Marketing Strategy to the Next Level

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PS: Here’s another free tip for making it to the end of this post – as a general rule, never post on Instagram between 3pm to 4pm (in your target market’s time zone), as studies show it’s the worst time for engagement!