I had the pleasure of presenting on SEO for Morning Startup at Spacecubed this morning. We had about 40-50 eager Morning Startupers braving the brisk Perth weather; it was fantastic to see such a great crowd. Talk about a thriving community!

For those of you who attended, thanks very much for investing your morning to come and hear me talk about SEO. I hope I added value. For anyone who didn’t make it, I understand that a video and slides will be going up soon, so I’ll update this post to link to it from here. I’m sure it will be added to the Morning Startup Meetup group too.

I wanted to briefly emphasise a couple of the takeaways from the presentation and also include a few more points that I think I should have given greater attention to. Here goes:

1.) Don’t do crappy SEO. It’s way too risky, both in terms of immediate risk and also under the glare of the future search engine algorithm lens.

2.) Create amazing websites and amazing content that provide huge value to people. This includes creating a beautiful design and a remarkable user experience.

3.) For small to medium level websites that want search engine traffic, it’s very important to make sure you cover the basics of your SEO. This means that even though I’ve said don’t do crappy SEO, you still need to:

  • Measure your performance;
  • Do keyword research;
  • Acquire and build high quality links;
  • Create unique title tags that include your keywords and provide a strong call to action;
  • Create great meta descriptions that also act as strong calls to action;
  • Ensure your website can be crawled and indexed by the search engines;
  • Develop a strong social media following; and
  • Cover the basics of your URL structure and site architecture.

For more info see these resources (beware these can become overwhelming, so if you feel overwhelmed then focus on the tips I’ve mentioned above and in my presentation):

4.) For enterprise level websites that want search engine traffic, you need to do way more than just cover the basics; you need to master every aspect of your SEO. This is no easy task. When we do an SEO Audit for an enterprise level client we provide detailed analysis and recommendations on more than 150 different elements, producing a report of ~50,000 words, up to 200 pages in length, and full of action items. Enterprise level SEO is very difficult, but it can also be hugely rewarding for websites of this scale. If you need to do enterprise level SEO and you’re not an accomplished SEO practitioner, then hire an expert.

That’s it!

As I mentioned during the presentation, please feel free to ask me anything. You can reach me on or connect with me via LinkedIn or Twitter.

Also, make sure to checkout eGroup for more Perth online business goodness. Last week we had Morning Startup’s very own Isaak Dury of TidyClub fame providing some amazing insight into the TidyClub journey so far. Join the eGroup Meetup group to keep in the loop for future events; we meet the first Tuesday of every month in awesome West Perth facilities thanks to the fantastic sponsorship of Wrays.

Thanks again and thanks very much for the invite Morning Startup!