At Living Online, we’re passionate about encouraging our digital marketing team to always pursue opportunities for career and self-development. The 2022 Ecom World Conference, a virtual learning conference held on May 4-6, provided the ideal opportunity for our team members to learn from some of the brightest minds in the e-commerce industry.

As the world’s largest event of its kind, the conference explored topics such as achieving brand growth, increasing sales, and maximising profits. In this article, we reflect on the insightful event and share our favourite learnings from our very own team members.

Learning From the Best at Ecom World 2022

The three-day e-commerce masterclass featured some of the most noteworthy brands around the globe, and the e-commerce trailblazers that work hard behind the scenes to bring them to life. In a series of in-depth speeches, panels, workshops & live Q&A sessions, attendees gained exclusive insight into the tricks of the trade and how to translate these learnings into tangible results.

Keeping up-to-date with the latest trends and inner workings of e-commerce brands by participating in Ecom World 2022, our digital marketing team is better positioned to create the digital marketing magic that will grow our clients’ brands.

Senior Consultant Caterina Marcellini particularly enjoyed gaining knowledge on scalability, imparted by the founder and CEO of popular hooded blanket brand ‘The Oodie’, Davie Fogarty. Hear Caterina’s thoughts on Davie’s masterclass:

“I enjoyed the A-Z of product sourcing by Davie Fogarty, CEO of The Oodie. It’s the first talk I attended, mainly out of excitement that Ecom was finally live (I don’t own an e-commerce business, so a “product’ class wasn’t at the top of my schedule!). But the conference is in US timezone, and I am 12+ hours head in Western Australia, so that’s the only class I could join on launch day before bedtime… and I am glad I did!

Davie went into details about how to source your products, make sure your margins are correct and all the groundwork any e-come business owner needs to go through. And he then touched on scalability, which is the part I found very interesting.

If your revenue comes from Facebook advertising and you decide to scale horizontally, you need to realise that what is a logical horizontal expansion for a human might not translate into a logical horizontal expansion for your Facebook audience (and SEO).

In other words, if you sell blankets and you think adding mattresses to your product offering is a logical horizontal expansion, ask yourself: will I be able to leverage the same Facebook audience and website rankings? And the answer is no.

To me, it just goes to show how dependent we are on Facebook and Google (or any other platform for that matter) when it comes to building an online business. It’s easy enough to say dream big, but the reality is that if you’re competing in the online space, you have to play by a certain set of rules. And that goes for everything… including your product selection. Some food for thoughts!”

Digital Operations Manager Brenda Ledwith also found the event to be of great value, taking away lessons in using a brand’s website as a channel to create connectivity with customers. Here’s what Brenda had to share about Firework CEO Vincent Yang’s interview with Ecom World 2022:

“The first Ecom World online event I attended was “Create a Zero-Friction Ecom Customer Journey to 4x Engagement and 3x Conversion” which featured an interview with Vincent Yang, CEO at Firework (an interactive experience platform).

Here Vincent discussed some of the strategies which led to China generating $436B in 3 years just from livestream sales alone.

A big learning for me was that while everyone is now getting involved in live streaming, they are only thinking about making it on platforms owned by other people (TikTok, Instagram, etc) where you get the eyeballs, but not always the conversions companies desperately need to survive. And with increased CPAs on platforms like Facebook, reduced retention, and massive drops in repeat customers due to a lack of community feeling, the key really is to combine the purpose behind live streaming with assets you have control over, such as your website.

Vincent emphasises how important it is to bring this human connection to your website by including short videos, engaging with customers, and having live stream videos hosted directly on here. You need to make people want to come back to your website more which in turn will increase your website conversion rate, return-visitor rates, and Average Customer Lifetime Value.

My favourite quote from this video was that “your website needs to be a destination for inspiration and community, not just a place for conversion” and I think that is a great strategy brands need really focus on moving forward to capitalise on the growing live stream trend.”

Our team weren’t the only Ecom World 2022 attendees to share rave reviews of the fantastic event, with several other keen e-commerce learners generating hype across the Twittersphere:

While that may be a wrap on Ecom World for this year, we’re proud to say our team has come out the other side with greater knowledge and insight to create more incredible results for our clients.

For any e-commerce junkies like us at Living Online though, we can certainly say that an Ecom World 2023 is one for the calendar!