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LinkedIn is undeniably the most popular professional network. Around 77% of the Australian workforce has a profile, and over half of them are active on the channel every month.

As a result, LinkedIn advertising often has higher conversion rates than other platforms, generating leads further down the funnel.

And yet B2B businesses often rely solely on organic reach, and advertise with a ‘cheaper’ but often less effective social media network.

Some may be deterred by the higher Cost Per Click (CPC) many advertisers see on LinkedIn. Some may have dipped their toes in before writing it off when they failed to see immediate results. Others may be running LinkedIn Ads already but are not getting the outcome they want.

For those B2B marketers ready to move that needle, this article will provide the key for generating immediate and quantifiable results in your LinkedIn campaigns. We will walk you through proven methods to grab that low hanging fruit for some instant wins.

Let’s get started.

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What’s The Problem?

Marketers are often under pressure to not only generate a given volume of leads, but to ensure these are high quality. They may have dabbled in LinkedIn advertising in the past with mixed results before reverting to the tried and tested lead-generation channels and activities. At times, they find their usual B2B audiences are getting fatigued. They need to find new audiences or channels to continue driving results, but they don’t know where or how to do this.

The typically higher Cost Per Click (CPC) on LinkedIn scares some marketers away, even though the Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) may turn out to be significantly higher. This high CPC is often further exacerbated due to an inefficient LinkedIn marketing campaign, and the wasted spend that comes with it. This may be due to wrong or ineffective targeting, campaign messaging and call to actions, campaign strategy, budgets, geo-targeting, and more.

Some companies may even be running LinkedIn ads just because they’ve been told they should, but have no real strategy to meet specified objectives. They are spending money aimlessly with no real possibility of driving a positive ROI. This may be due to a lack of visibility or inexperience with calculating key performance metrics such as ROI, ROAS, CPA, conversion rate, conversion value, and similar. The focus may instead on vanity metrics, such as clicks and impressions, which don’t directly affect the bottom line.

Added to this, a lack of consistency across the rest of marketing and online messaging leads to poor brand perception and customer confusion. This can further contribute to poor results from LinkedIn.

Why Does This Matter?

With 10 million+ registered users in Australia, LinkedIn is the most popular professional network. It also enjoys a high engagement rate, with over half of this number logging in every month.

Let’s think about that number for a second. In the total population of approximately 26 million people, about 13 million are employed. Of these, over 10 million are on LinkedIn – that is 77% of the workforce!

Added to this, 4 of 5 LinkedIn members drive business decisions, giving LinkedIn audiences twice the buying power of average web audiences. In fact, LinkedIn has higher conversion rates than other platforms, with 80% of social media B2B leads coming from LinkedIn.

If you are in a B2B market, and not using LinkedIn Ads to its full potential, you are likely experiencing:

  • lost opportunity to advertise directly to decision makers in a company, something not afforded by many other social media platforms.
  • missed opportunity by not exploring this platform before other competitors get in first.
  • wasted spend, undermining your marketing efforts and affecting future budgetary allocation.

Cost Per Lead on LinkedIn is 28% lower than on Google Ads.

LinkedIn can in fact be a powerhouse when it comes to attracting, and converting, your exact target audience.

So how do we get those juicy, bottom-of-the-funnel leads, just ripe for the picking?

How To Get Instant LinkedIn Results

LinkedIn Advertising can be used more strategically than other social media platforms to generate leads. This makes it unique in that can attract prospects further down the funnel,  ready to buy, and you get immediate results. Most importantly, with LinkedIn you can generate more of the right leads.

the secret sauce to generate instant leads with LinkedIn Ads

1. Know where in the B2B sales funnel you are pitching your message

Do you want to increase brand awareness? If so, you are in the top end of the funnel. You need to cast a wide net over multiple audiences.

Remember: information gatherers are often at the bottom of an organisation and feed intel upwards. Introduce your expertise and position yourself as a market leader. An informational CTA or bribe-to-subscribe offer will draw these prospects in now, so you can follow them up the management chain to the decision maker later.

If you are after warmer leads, the consideration phase, or middle of the funnel, then you target decision-makers. They could be mid-management charged with evaluation and recommendations, or final decision-makers who weigh up the benefits and features. These are the prospects you need to start building a meaningful relationship with. Offer them deep-dive content and customised solutions. This group wants answers, so draw them in to make personal contact.

Your bottom of the funnel prospects are the low-hanging fruit, ready to purchase. This is the decision-making group, with the greatest ROAS and deserving of most of your budget. They have done their homework and are ready to move – they just need that final nudge to take action. Because of the increased likelihood of them driving the most immediate revenue, we focus on this group.

2. Use precision targeting

Easily find, and target, your ideal customer through LinkedIn’s advanced audience targeting.

Let’s say we want to reach senior level paediatric doctors with a message about your amazing new gadget, a major advance in diagnostic tools. These will likely be the supervising doctors in private practice and paediatric hospitals, who have influence over the diagnostic tools used in triage.

By leveraging your database of existing contacts, your website, and LinkedIn’s advanced audience targeting, you can be confident that your ads are in front of the right eyes.

Matched Audiences

Using the Matched Audience feature, you can market directly to your existing database or previous visitors of a page or section of your website. This is your lowest hanging fruit. They are aware of your brand, and have shown interest in your offering through the pages they’ve visited on the site.

LinkedIn Matched Audiences

Start by uploading a list of existing prospects. Keep in mind that you will need at least 300 email addresses to match the addresses on LinkedIn profiles. Alternatively, you can match specific company names you want to target. In this case, you will need at least 1,000 companies to have a running chance.

Another option is to apply retargeting to previous website visitors. Target visitors who abandoned an eCommerce cart, or showed interest in your product or service, but did not purchase or submit a form enquiry. This tracking is activated by simply installing the LinkedIn Insights Tag on your website. It then automatically starts recording your audience behaviour.

LinkedIn Audiences

In their pilot program for Matched Audiences, LinkedIn reported a 32% increase in post-click conversation rates and a 30% boost in CTR.

Find New Audiences

If you need new leads, potentially ready to become clients, you will want to explore the advanced segmentation functionality of the audience creator tool.

You could start with LinkedIn’s pre-set audiences, but this will result in too broad a brush:

LinkedIn Targeting

Since your target audience is quite specific, you can build it out manually to hit your exact target audience. With LinkedIn, you can target specific job titles, functions, and seniority, as well as interest, group membership and even specific company names. Experiment with the combinations for your ideal target audience.

LinkedIn lead audience summary

This level of specific targeting results in a highly focused campaign directly to 420 senior paediatric specialists, in private practice or hospitals, in Australia.

But this only half the story.

3. Personally deliver your message

The secret sauce of this recipe lies in the unique and customisable options available. LinkedIn provides unique ad options to cut through the noise. It gives you the chance to deliver your message in a unique and personalised way, with a much higher probability of being seen.

Besides the standard news feed sponsored posts, there are text, image and video ad variations to choose from. There are also lead generation ads and dynamic ads, personalised to your audience. These are all valuable arrows in your quiver, but let’s focus on the more recent, lesser-known, and more advanced ad options available.

Inbox Infiltration

Here is an opportunity to cut directly through the noise, with advertising options that go straight to inboxes with targeted messages. This allows you to drive engagement in a more personal way than generic ads, as you invite your audience to your offer personally.

LinkedIn inbox - targeted messages

Nestled neatly among genuine messages from contacts are sponsored messages. Open to reveal personalised messaging, exclusive offers and graphics with CTAs.


InMail has a 300% higher response rate than email. Sponsored InMail has a 52% open rate, on average. That’s more than double the average open rate for email campaigns, which is 21.3% according to Mailchimp’s data.

The bots have arrived!

Using LinkedIn’s messenger app and automation technology, you can create a simple bot to engage and lead your audience through the funnel to closing the deal.

Rather than advertise, here is the opportunity to actually start a conversation with your highly targeted leads.

With multiple call-to-action buttons to represent their stage in the funnel, prospects can access the content that appeals to them right now. And, by addressing their pain points, you can keep them engaged throughout their journey.

Think about what’s stopping them from taking that last step? Offer them something to help them over that last hurdle and turn them from interested prospect to paying customer.

This is a great opportunity to invite them to something exclusive, offer to answer specific questions for them, schedule product demos, or invite them for a personal consultation to get them over the line.

Instant Leads – Recipe for LinkedIn Success

  1. Preheat your sales team to 220⁰.
  2. Check where in the B2B sales funnel you are pitching your message.
  3. Combine precision targeting using matched audiences and retargeting with personalised messaging through the inbox or messaging app.
  4. Cook your leads to perfection in no time flat!

What Are The Benefits?

So now you have the secret sauce recipe, what does this mean?

Companies getting in first can gain the competitive advantage – if done right.

Harnessing the advanced B2B targeting options, unrivalled by other social media platforms, can:

  • positively contribute to your company’s bottom line by organising and implementing ROI-driven campaigns
  • be used successfully for a variety of goals, and businesses
  • contribute to growth at every stage of the funnel, from brand awareness and lead nurturing through to lead generation.


B2B marketing is a tough gig. Every dollar of advertising spend needs to be performing optimally. There is often no room for experimentation on unknown variables.

This is where LinkedIn Ads shine. There are two key variables working together – the audience selection and the delivery method to accurately pinpoint your market and get your message to them at the right time, in the right way. Instant success!

Use our formula to jump-start your LinkedIn marketing, or reach out and our highly experienced LinkedIn Ads specialists can put together a plan and results projections for you.