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How to advertise on Instagram

It’s easy to advertise on Instagram and in this blog article I’ll explain the steps involved to launch your first campaign on the social media giant.

But first here is some information you need to be aware of.

Instagram is owned by Facebook and the Instagram advertising setup process is done through Facebook’s advertising platform. This means you’re going to need a Facebook account (surely you have one already), Facebook Ad Account (probably not if you have never advertised on Facebook) and Facebook business page (surely you’ve got one of these) in order to show ads on Instagram.

Interestingly, you don’t even need an Instagram account to advertise on Instagram but we recommend it.

Starting your first Instagram advertising campaign.

Step one

Sign into Facebook’s Business Manager page ( If you haven’t already set up your Facebook Business Manager page then follow the prompts to do so. Once you’ve done that make sure you add all the pages you manage.

Step two

If you haven’t already got an Ad Account, you’ll need to create one. When in the Facebook Business Manager, click “Add New” and then select “Ad Account”. Go through the process and complete all the details it asks for, including the billing details (your credit card). Skip this step if you already have an ad account for the business you wish to promote.

Step three

If you have an Instagram account you can claim your Instagram account and link it to your page. Hover your mouse over “Business Settings” then select “Instagram Account”. Next, click “Claim New Instagram Account”. Once you’ve claimed your Instagram account you then need to assign it to your ad account. Click the button “Assign Ad Account” when you have your Instagram account selected in the Business Manager page.

Now you’re ready to setup your first Instagram campaign.

Step four

Click on your “View Ad Account in Ads Manager”, then click on the green button “Create Ad”.

Step five

Choose your campaign objective. If in doubt select “Send people to your website” and enter the URL you wish to send users to. Next select your audience and budget. Go through the options and set the targeting and budget you wish to use. E.g. If you want to target people in Perth aged 20-30 who have an interest in dogs put this criteria in the space provided. Once that is done, click the blue button “Choose Ad Creative”.

Step six

Now is the fun part, creating your ad. You can choose a single image ad or a carousel ad. Make sure that your Instagram account is selected in the section which says “Instagram account”. Write the ad text and select a photo (or video, max 30 seconds) for your ad.

You will see a preview of your ad. Make sure you select the Instagram preview and ensure you have added it. If you only want the ad to appear on Instagram then select “remove” against the other areas your ad can show (Facebook desktop newsfeed, mobile newsfeed etc).

Step seven

Finish off all the ad creative including selecting a call to action button. Now you’re ready to place your order! First click “Review Order” and double check everything is how you want it. Once you’re happy with it, click the green button “Place order”.

Congratulations! You’ve just created your first Instagram ad campaign.

Please note: Instagram will take approximately 24 hours to review and disapprove/approve your ad. You’ll receive a notification either way.

If you require any further assistance with Instagram marketing or need help setting up an Instagram advertising campaign then feel free to contact myself or anyone at Living Online. You can reach us on 08 9388 8778 or or contact us via our contact page.

Good luck!