changes to google

You may have noticed that Google made a change recently to the way they display search results that affects anyone who is using the internet for business…which is pretty much everyone.

Google has removed the right side text ads from their search engine pages, which is going to have an impact on Google AdWords and those who rank well organically for their keywords. Coupled with removing the side results, Google has now introduced a 4th ad that will appear above the organic listings; however the 4th listing is only going to show on keywords that Google deem to be significant or transactional queries. Most informational searches may only feature 1-2 ads.

What this now means:

  • There can now be 4 paid ads before an organic listing
  • Ads are still shown at the bottom of the page as before
  • Top 4 bidding prices are going to be even more competitive
  • Position 3 in AdWords is more valuable than it was before
  • All ads will now feature ad extensions

Why did Google do this? Well they’re not known for explaining their actions, but recent data shows that less than 15% of all clicks came from the side ads, plus it’s likely they changed the design to be optimised for mobile device viewing. Freeing up this real estate also means that Google can feature their Shopping functionality with more products.

It has never been more important to ensure that AdWords campaigns are optimized in order to get maximum returns on every click, which means that ad extensions and quality score are going to have more focus on them than before.