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*UPDATE* Facebook appears to be beta testing this layout and extra post options, so you may see it in your account… or you might not.

Have you noticed the new post options when you start writing a post in Facebook Business Manager? Here’s our guide on how to use them – we will go through each one in detail. You might notice that some look quite familiar!

Facebook Provides More Options for Businesses

Facebook Business Manager New Options Preview

If you click in the text field or on the “…”, then the full list of post options are revealed, including some new choices!

Facebook Business Manager New Options Revealed

Right away you can see that these have the potential to add real value for a business.

Being able to append an action to your post, such as asking people to call you or get directions to your store, means a greater potential for conversions and meaningful interaction with your customers.

Share a Photo/Video

If you haven’t checked out the full range of ‘upgrades’ tucked away in the ‘Photo/Video’ button, then you’re missing out!

Share a photo or video on Facebook Business Manager

While this has been available for some time, I don’t see enough businesses using this tool to create sticky, engaging posts that will capture a person’s attention.

Upload Photos/Video

Most of the time it is the first option, Upload Photos/Video, with a single image uploaded as is, with no editing or extra curation given a thought.

If this sounds like you, you’re missing out on some great opportunities!

Create Photo Album

The second option, Create Photo Album, is a great opportunity to a categorise your content; such as tips and advice, happy reviews and testimonials from customers, product information, and more.

By organising your photos and videos into albums, you can draw attention back to older posts over time as people browse through the whole album. It’s similar to how you can organise a pin board on Pinterest.

Create Photo Carousel

Do you have an online store or blog full of images?

Then creating a photo carousel will make your life a lot easier, as you can simply enter a URL to pull in featured images rather than uploading individual photos.

Facebook Photo Carousel

It can be your home page, or a category page – this will work for any page on your website.

Once you’ve added the URL, you’ll be able to review the images pulled in and remove any that you don’t want featured.

Just note that these will be displayed in a square format, so check that your images will look good as a square.

Create Slideshow

I love using this feature to create a video slideshow out of a collection of images.

Using this option, you can choose your own settings to create a video using:

  • Transitions (apply a fade)
  • Aspect ratio (square, rectangle, etc)
  • Image duration (0.5 to 5 seconds)
  • Add music (either by selecting from royalty-free music provided by Facebook or your own)
  • Upload new images, or choose from those you’ve already uploaded.

Create a Canvas

The last photo/video option is to combine both formats to create a canvas.

This is a powerful tool that lets you combine your photos, videos, and text together to capture the attention of your audience.

Facebook Canvas

You can apply so many effects to create a full-screen experience with carousels, tilt to pan images and videos, and explore lifestyle images with tagged products. Exciting!

Facebook carousels

Image source: Facebook Business


This is a great feature to add some personality to your branded posts, and let fans know what you’re up to!

Even for our more serious brands out there, checking in to an event you’re hosting or attending is a great way to create interest in what you’re doing.

Facebook Activities

Check In

Most people will be familiar with checking in.

This feature has been available on personal and business accounts for quite some time, however businesses are not always sure of how to make this work for them in a post.

You may want to check-in to demonstrate that you’re a local business, to showcase your service areas, or to align yourself with a complementary brand.

Facebook Check In

Write Note

If you don’t have a blog for your business, this would be a good way to start creating long form content for your customers to get to know more about you and what you have to offer.

Facebook Write Note

Tag Product

Make it easier for customers to discover your products and services by tagging specific products in your posts.

If you’re featuring a product you can link to it on Facebook, enabling discerning shoppers to discover, engage with, and buy your products!

Facebook Tag Products

Add A Milestone

Adding milestones are fantastic to showcase your business achievements and position yourself as a market leader.

Why not celebrate all your hard work and let people know about your big moments?

Your customers love discovering about these achievements as it personalises your brand and your history.

Facebook Add A Milestone

Advertise Your Business on Facebook

If you’ve always thought that advertising on Facebook fell in the ‘too hard basket’, you’ll love the option to grow your business with a Facebook promotion.

The step-by-step guide will simplify the process and help you achieve your goals.

Advertise on Facebook

Just remember that the key to Facebook advertising is targeting.

Make sure you know exactly who your target audience is, so you can show a specific message, and let them know what you’d like them to do.

Check out our guide on ‘How To Position Your Product To Sell To Your Ideal Customer‘.

Add Directions

Another handy tool to help connect your customers with your location.

Why not make it as simple as a click of a button?

Facebook ad directions

Get Messages

Build your messenger database of prospective customers by making it convenient for them to send you a message.

It is a great way to encourage direct conversations through your Facebook page, especially if you can quickly respond to any messages.

With¬†chatbots¬†becoming a more common marketing tool, even if a person contacts you outside of your normal trading hours you’ll still be able to provide them with the information they’re looking for.

Facebook get messages

Get Calls

Make things easier for your prospective customers with an easy click-to-call button.

If phone calls are how you generate business, then adding this button will make it quick and easy for a customer to get in touch.

You’ll only see this option to ‘get calls’ if you have a verified phone number set up on your Facebook business page.

Facebook get calls

Create A Facebook Event

If you’re going to create an event on Facebook you’ll certainly want to post about it!

This is a convenient way to quickly create events for your page and customise the information.

Facebook create events

Create a Facebook Offer/Discount

This option has so much potential to deliver real results for businesses – both online and in-store.

Create a compelling incentive for people to save and redeem your offer, and you’ll be able to take advantage of the opportunity this option can provide.

This applies equally to service-based businesses, who often offer a free initial consult or call back.

Create an offer in Facebook

Facebook Poll Is Back!

I love that this feature is back! I’ve seen it beta-tested but then it seemed to just disappear for a while.

If you need some market research done, aka need to know what your customers really want, why not ask them?

Especially if you can respond and let your customers know that you’re listening to their wants and needs – or better yet – planning on offering them.

Facebook poll


This is the cutest feature that I can see offering the biggest possibility of showcasing personality!

Why not show customers a lighter side of your brand, and then ask what they would list?

Facebook list

Once you choose a list type, you can customise it as either a bulleted or numbered list, and add some flair and colour:Facebook Lists

There you have it folks!

We’re excited to see which ones you’ve tried and liked – did you get better results from adding one of these to your posts?

Need help with your Facebook Marketing?

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We understand that business owners already have a lot on their plates. If you would like to speak with someone about how we can help drive more business and customers your way, get in touch with us.