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New Snapchat Update Upsets Users

You may have noticed that Snapchat rolled out a major update, which drastically changed the layout of the popular social media app by splitting friend content and media/publisher content.

The update wasn’t a hit and many users weren’t happy with the changes- complaining that is was now harder to find messages and friends. At the time of writing, more than 1,249,541 people have signed an online petition calling on Snapchat to revert its update back to the original design.

This backlash may lead to some businesses wondering if using Snapchat as a marketing initiative is worth it, however the company says this has actually led users to spend more time watching “publisher stories” which can only be good news for advertisers!

Downloads of the Snapchat app has increased in the US and are likely to continue to grow in Australia as well.

In a statement, a spokeswoman for Snapchat has said, “updates as big as this one can take a little getting used to, but we hope the community will enjoy it once they settle in”.

Snapchat as a social media platform has unique advertising features which can highly benefit your business.

Snapchat advertising products include:

Snap Ads

These full screen ads, which can be video or image, are highly effective as they appear in between friend’s story or discover streams for maximum impressions.  They can also provide more information to users who swipe up from the ad, allowing for more opportunities for marketers to sell their products or services.


Great for branding or for a special event, advertisers will love that their brand is being shared in a natural fashion through the user’s personal snaps to friends. It’s a fantastic way to showcase specific products or events and can be narrowed down to a precise location, for as cheap as $5!

Example of Snapchat SnapAd

Sponsored Lenses

Lenses take that filter to the next level and are a big reason why using Snapchat is so fun. You may not think rainbow vomit will help your marketing efforts, but one third of snapchat daily users play with lenses, so have some branding fun with your next marketing campaign!

Sponsored Snapchat Lenses

Snap to unlock

By using a “snapcode” on physical media such as billboards, receipts, products etc you can encourage users to take a picture to unlock secret features within the app.
This multi-channel campaign can significantly increase your reach.

We want to see results!

As with all marketing initiatives, advertisers want to see results! Snapchat has also introduced new analytics to their platform such as:

  • All story views from the last week, month and year.
  • Minutes spent viewing stories, broken down into the last week, month and year.
  • The number of unique story viewers each day.
  • The average time unique viewers watched your videos, and the completion rates.
  • More insights into audience demographics, such as genders, ages and locations.
  • Find out where our audience belongs regarding lifestyle categories or interests.

Snapchat Demographics

With 4,000,000 daily active Australian Users (as of September 2017), businesses can’t ignore the popularity of Snapchat.

  • Nearly three quarters of all Snapchat users are under 34.
  • Just under half are between 18 and 24 years.
  • Only 30% of Snapchat users are male.
  • It’s been confirmed as the third most popular social media platform for 18-29 year old Australians.

Your Social Media Strategy

Yes, Snapchat as a company has had a rocky road this year so far, but it still has a place in your marketing strategy, especially for those businesses who want something a little bit fun and quirky. If your target market fits the above demographic, then it’s worth considering snapchat marketing.

As social media marketers, we enjoy experimenting with the latest tools and methodologies to ensure you are always one step ahead of the game.

We have extensive experience with Snapchat Ads and know the potential it has for your business to generate exceptional results. So for help with your social media strategy, speak to the Living Online team today. We are the experts in multi-channel and integrated digital marketing campaigns and know how to use social media marketing to drive traffic and sales.