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learning digital marketing
14 minute read

Learning Digital Marketing – Ultimate Guide to the Best Beginner Courses

There are a huge number of digital marketing courses out there, both online and in person. You'll usually find that the best source of free information is from the provider of the service; for example, Google offers an entire academy of courses for all of its products - Google Analytics, Google Ads and more. Facebook and Microsoft Ads also offer in-depth online learning to give you a greater understanding of their products.

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living online digital marketing glossary
14 minute read

100 Digital Marketing Terms You Need To Know – Your Easy To Understand A to Z Glossary

The digital marketing world, the internet and advances in technology come with whole new terminology. These terms can be extremely difficult to remember, especially if  you’ve just engaged a digital marketing agency and they are throwing all this jargon at you! Here are 100 common digital marketing terms explained…

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murdoch university students
< 1 minute read

Murdoch University

We’ve provided Google Ads campaign management and optimisation services to Murdoch University to help them run highly successful search engine marketing campaigns. We managed to significantly increase the click through rate on advertisements and decrease the cost-per-click and effective cost-per-acquisition. Gerard Brancato, Senior Online Marketer at Murdoch University recently sent us an email that we […]

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