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Is your B2B not sexy enough for social media? Think again!

If you think social media is just for B2C businesses then you’re in for a surprise. A lot of social media savvy B2B businesses are gaining competitive advantage in their market by engaging with their audiences on social media. Whether it’s sharing a success story with the intention of building trust & improving reputation, or growing a community to increase awareness and generate sales leads, or sharing a photo of staff members at a social event to showcase the human side of the business, social media for B2Bs works.

In uncertain economic markets it can sometimes be the 1%’ers that make all the difference when it comes to winning new business or retaining existing business.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn… With so many choices it’s easy for brands to get overwhelmed. The trick is not necessarily using them all, it’s putting the resources you do have to best use by carefully considering where your target market will be found, as well as the features and capabilities of each social network.

Most social media platforms allow pages to not only share posts, but pay for them to be pushed into the newsfeeds (for a fee) of an audience of their choosing. The targeting options for social media advertising are insanely powerful and can get very granular, which means that with a cleverly targeted social media campaign and only a small media budget, social media advertising can achieve great results.

With over 70% of Australians using social media, it should be pretty obvious that there is an opportunity to communicate with your target market.

Here is a short list of things B2Bs can do on social media and the kind of benefits they can provide.

Read on, you might be surprised…

1. Share industry specific articles that your brand writes and publishes on your blog.

  • Create perception as thought leader
  • Be seen as a subject matter expert in your industry
  • Supports your content marketing efforts
  • Drives traffic to your website
  • Lead generation

2. Share success stories, such as industry-specific awards or winning new clients.

  • Demonstrates competency in your industry
  • Fosters a winning culture within your organisation
  • Positions your business above your competitors – people like doing business with winners

3. Share great client case studies where your business has provided great value to a client.

  • Demonstrates competency
  • Drives traffic to your website
  • Supports lead generation
  • Gives promotion to your client

4. Share photos and video of great moments from within your organisation. Give a behind the scenes look into your business. Ideas include: how things are made, milestones, unique events, & social photos etc.

  • Give your business a personality
  • Give customers some insight into your industry and what you do
  • Shows your business’s human side
  • Gives insight into company culture

5. Share and promote posts to people who visited your website (remarketing), or to your existing database of customers/leads/subscribers.

  • Reinforce key messages
  • Improve conversion rates
  • Educate users on other service/product areas of your business
  • Increase leads and conversions
  • Encourage repeat business
  • Be seen “everywhere”
  • Drives traffic to your website
  • Lead generation

6. Share the latest industry news and insights, even if it means you’re providing a link to another website.

  • Be the go to source for information relating to your industry
  • Will support perception of expertise

7. Respond to comments and posts made on your business social media pages.

  • Builds relationships
  • Creates trust
  • Develops rapport

8. Actively monitor comments and reviews and respond to negative comments.

  • Turn an unhappy customer into a happy customer
  • Be seen as customer service orientated
  • Shows empathy and accountability
  • Improves overall image of the brand

Each social media channel is slightly different and geared toward different sorts of content. If you need some advice in determining which social media network is suitable for your B2B then feel free to reach out to me for some advice.  I hope this article has inspired you to consider how your B2B could be using social media.

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