With search engine marketing, ROI is everything.
We recently achieved a 43% cost efficiency improvement in Google AdWords spend for a major national Australian retailer.
This equated to a saving of $156,000 per month on search engine marketing costs.
What’s more, we did this while maintaining previous high lead volumes.
Huge savings. Unbeatable performance.
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With Google AdWords, you can reach your target market with laser-like precision.

  • Targeted Traffic

    We can use Google AdWords to capture your ideal target market, at the exact moment that they’re ready to buy.
  • Qualified Leads

    We can help you convert visitors from your Google AdWords campaigns into qualified leads and sales.
  • Increased Revenue

    Most importantly, we can use search engine marketing to drive revenue growth and improve your bottom line.


Our team is different from other agencies. Here’s why we have an Adwords advantage:

  • We’re trusted with a monthly Adwords budget of more than half a million dollars.
  • We’re a certified Google Premier Partner.
  • No walled gardens; everything we build will be owned by you. You’d be surprised how often other agencies deny their clients access to their own Google AdWords.
  • No long-term lock in contracts, because we know that our results will make you want to stay.


We manage all aspects of your Google Adwords campaigns so you don’t have to.

  • Unlimited keywords
    Whether you need 10 keywords, or 10,000 keywords, we build your campaigns to suit your needs.
  • Precision targeting
    Target your prospects by keyword, geographic location, ad schedule, device type, search network, and more.
  • Flexible budgets
    Your AdWords budgets are flexible. You can increase, decrease, or reallocate your search marketing budget at any time.
  • No commission
    Some agencies get commission from your AdWords spend. We don’t. We work to minimise your costs, not increase them.
  • Bing Ads
    Once your Google AdWords is working like a finely tuned machine, we can import your campaign into Bing Ads.
  • Multi-channel campaigns
    Google AdWords is more powerful when delivered as part of our multi-channel and integrated digital marketing campaigns.

Their skill in the search space has helped Murdoch significantly increase the reach and effectiveness of a number of key campaigns. I recommend Living Online to any organisation looking to improve their marketing portfolio with highly effective, capital efficient activities.Gerard Brancato, Senior Online Marketer - Murdoch University


If you want someone who really GETS online marketing, remarketing, SEO, SEM, and everything associated, then use Living Online.Charlie Gunningham, CEO – Business News


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