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We manage a monthly advertising budget for our clients of more than $500,000.
And we deliver more than 7,000,000 visitors each and every month to our client’s websites.
We’ve helped our clients double their sales in less than 2 weeks, generate explosive international growth, and deliver very healthy profits to the bottom line.
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Through digital marketing innovation, you can experience unprecedented growth.

  • More Traffic

    We can bring high volumes of ready-to-buy visitors to your website, creating sustainable and affordable growth.
  • More Sales

    Whether you sell via an online store, or via an offline B2B sales process, digital marketing can bring you more sales.
  • More Revenue

    Increase your average sale value, generate repeat customers, and build referrals through word of mouth.


Our team is proudly different from other digital marketing agencies. Here’s why:

  • No long-term lock in contracts; our clients stay with us because they get great results.
  • We’re problem solvers, thinkers, and innovators. We understand business.
  • We proactively optimise your campaigns through data-driven research and analysis.
  • We care. We’re driven by that feeling of satisfaction when your campaign succeeds.


We can do it all, or focus on just one digital marketing area, the choice is yours.

  • SEO
    From SEO Audits, to site migrations, and penalty removals. We have a deep understanding of search engine optimisation.
  • Google AdWords
    Tap into the Google marketing powerhouse and reach your customers through the AdWords search engine marketing platform.
  • Facebook Ads
    The incredible targeting capabilities of Facebook Ads have turned this ecosystem into a marketers dream.
  • Remarketing
    Keep your brand front of mind with cross-device remarketing on the Google Display Network, Facebook, Twitter, and more.
  • Content marketing
    Create value through content marketing and you’ll receive it back in spades. It’s the new black and it’s here to stay.
  • Just the beginning
    Whatever you need, we can do it. Instagram? No problems. Snapchat? Great idea. What matters is doing it. So let’s get started.

Their skill in the search space has helped Murdoch significantly increase the reach and effectiveness of a number of key campaigns. I recommend Living Online to any organisation looking to improve their marketing portfolio with highly effective, capital efficient activities.Gerard Brancato, Senior Online Marketer - Murdoch University


If you want someone who really GETS online marketing, remarketing, SEO, SEM, and everything associated, then use Living Online.Charlie Gunningham, CEO – Business News


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