targeting customers

There’s no doubt about it, digital marketing has changed the landscape of advertising forever. Where once guesswork and estimates were used to attribute sales to newspaper ads, billboards and letterbox drops, we now have the ability to precisely evaluate every digital campaign from email to social media to search engine marketing and more.

“But we can put our physical advertisements right in front of our audience” the naysayers may say, but unfortunately for them digital marketing once again has the answers.

With location targeting in Google AdWords and social media we can target your audience and customers down to a radius of 1km. With this you can target local customers with local offers and messaging. Admittedly the radius targeting is not like an iron curtain and some people either side of that zone may or may not get the offer, but it’s still a very effective way to ensure your target audience sees your advertisement.

People love to share and engage with what they like on social media which is a great help for digital marketing campaigns as we can target people based on their interests, which refines the targeting even further. If you’re a company that sells golf equipment it’s possible to run campaigns where only those people who have expressed an interest in golf will be shown your ads. To drill down further you can even target by age and gender!

And then we get to the statistics. We can track how many people have seen the ads, how many clicked, how long they stayed on your website, where they went on your website and if they successfully reached the goal that you wanted them to.

At Living Online we’re experts on building and launching highly targeted campaigns that will guarantee great returns.