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Digital marketing audits guide
9 minute read

Digital Marketing Audits: A Guide To Cutting Costs & Improving Performance

This article is for people like you who are responsible for driving growth, reducing inefficient spend and maximising online performance in their company. It explains how digital marketing audits are critical in providing data-backed recommendations of what’s working in the business and what you need to do to meet your business objectives.

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learning digital marketing
14 minute read

Learning Digital Marketing – Ultimate Guide to the Best Beginner Courses

There are a huge number of digital marketing courses out there, both online and in person. You'll usually find that the best source of free information is from the provider of the service; for example, Google offers an entire academy of courses for all of its products - Google Analytics, Google Ads and more. Facebook and Microsoft Ads also offer in-depth online learning to give you a greater understanding of their products.

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