If you haven’t readied yourself for an Easter marketing campaign, you’d better get cracking (pun intended)! We’ve rounded up some of our favourites over the years in digital marketing to excite and inspire you.

Thorntons Ultimate Guide to Easter Eggs

We can appreciate the nod to Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory in this campaign, with Thorntons going all out with an impressive content strategy to delight their fans. Thorntons developed a colourful and engaging microsite after being inspired by their customers’ questions about the chocolate-making process. One of the major drawcards was the chance to win a tour of the real factory and a year’s supply of chocolate for finding one of the 5 hidden eggs. That’s pretty egg-xciting!


The virtual version of Thorntons’ chocolate factory, dubbed the ‘Ultimate Guide to Easter Eggs’, seeks to provide answers about the “heritage and craftmanship that goes into their Easter Egg manufacturing” through gamification. This interactive platform allows users to hunt for the Easter Bunny and interesting facts about Easter Eggs (both the chocolate and digital kinds!), as well as a guide on how to hold your own Easter Egg Hunt. Thorntons certainly pushed their digital profile, resulting in increased brand awareness, word-of-mouth, reach and resonance. The way they’ve positioned the brand around the heritage and craftmanship of Easter egg manufacturing has piqued our interest (and perked up our Easter Bunny ears).

With chocolates sales guaranteed to spike around this holiday event (see the interest graphs below), Thorntons made the most and capitalised on the efforts of their coordinated Easter campaign. They experienced increased visibility on SERPs, increased online brand equity and most importantly of all – provided a great overall digital experienced for customer. All of this made us fall in love with the nostalgia this campaign evokes, and be inspired by the outcome. Looking again at the interest over time graph below, Easter egg searches are about to explode – is your business ready with a relevant and meaningful campaign?

Note the annual spikes in interest for ‘chocolate easter eggs’ over time. The UK takes the lead, but Australia is close behind for the number of searches (relative).

What Type of #GoodEgg Are You?

Co-operative Food in the UK came out with this feel good Easter hunt in a multi-channel strategy that made us feel all warm and fuzzy inside. This time, instead of hosting an Easter egg hunt for their brand, they launched their own hunt for “good eggs” in the community. Have a look at the video they produced candid-camera style, capturing the generosity of the community helping strangers in need: using an actor for this series of ‘eggsperiments’, the kindness was rewarded with a chocolate Easter egg. Strengthening their brand as a community retailer, Co-operative Food’s ad then encourages people to nominate a ‘good egg’ they know. Even the website’s landing page outlines personality profiles and tips on how to be a ‘Good Egg’. All the feels!

All this happiness is infectious, and makes you feel like you deserve a treat too (perhaps like the chocolate eggs handed out in the video?)…

You’re Never Too Old For A (Digital) Easter Egg Hunt

Combining the nostalgia of a traditional Easter egg hunt with the pure fun of discovering hidden messages, digital Easter eggs are designed to delight and entertain audiences, and in my opinion, are pure marketing genius. We love finding these intentional jokes, hidden messages, and special features in digital works, left there on purpose by the creator or artist.

Reward Consumers – Make Them Feel Good, And They’ll Feel Good About You

Drive engagement and brand affinity through gamification, whether it be in your social media, content marketing, websites, apps or more. Utilising a game to communicate your business’ core values markets your content in a way that motivates users to engage and participate. It is satisfying to play and game and win – fulfilling a sense of achievement and status within the context of the brand, and in turn, drives loyalty, brand affinity and revenue.

Diving Down The Rabbit Hole

So, for Easter egg hunting in the digital world, why not see how you can reward and attract consumers with a meaningful game. They’re another way you can have some fun with your marketing efforts and show the world your shining personality.
Now, for your enjoyment, here’s our selection of team favourites. Happy hunting!

1. Start your hunt on Wikipedia for its ‘Easter Egg (Media)’

Find the wiki for ‘Easter Egg (Media)’ and you will see that it has an image of 2 rabbits and a hedgehog. If you hover your mouse over the hedgehog you’ll reveal a secret message. If you click or tap on the hedgehog, you’ll get a sweet Easter surprise!

2. Asana’s Tab+B

We use Asana to manage our day-to-day tasks, so the entire office was delighted when we discovered this sweet surprise! Simply go to the Hacks section in ‘My Profile Settings’, and enable ‘Tab+B’ to add “a keyboard shortcut that does what it sounds like.” Love it!

3. An egg-cellent effort by the Wistia Team

Join the party on the Wistia team page. Type “dance” and then hit enter to find this hidden gem.

4. Google’s play on Easter Eggs

Priding itself on being a playful company, Google has embedded Easter Eggs into many of its products and services over the years.
From looking for fictional locations in Google Maps (try searching for Earls Court Rd, London, United Kingdom in streetview – look for the TARDIS!) to searching in the Google search engine for the query “do a barrel roll” or “z or r twice”. My latest favourite works with a Google Assistant (on your phone) or Google Home: if you ask “wubba lubba dub dub” you’ll get… laughed at from nearby colleagues… and then the following response: “Are you in pain? How can I help?” or “Sorry, I don’t speak Birdperson” a reference to the Sci-Fi animation Rick and Morty.


Can you find the TARDIS on Google Maps?

So What Are You Waiting For? Hop To It!

Many of the campaigns featured elicit positive feelings by associating nostalgic memories, fun games, charitable moments and the delight of discovering the hidden with Easter holiday imagery and chocolate Easter Eggs. While you might not exactly have the massive budget and clout that the brands mentioned do, there are still some learnings you can use.

  • Searches for Easter side dishes peak four days before the holiday.
  • Searches for Easter desserts begin to peak two weeks before the holiday.

Here’s a little round up from us:

  1. PPC / Search Engine Marketing
    43% of mobile voice search users do so because they say it is quicker than going on a website or using an app. Eg: Parents are using voice-activated speakers more than non-parents, so if this is your target market, look at how you can be optimising for voice searches.
  2. Video Content
    There’s been a 6x growth in mobile watchtime of travel diaries and vlogs in the past two years. Consumers want to see what a product or experience will be like through the eyes of someone like them – rather than highly polished ‘perfect’ shots shown on a website.
  3. Content Marketing
    While chocolate confectionary sales grew 4% in current value terms in 2017 (up from 3% in 2016) we’re seeing a shift with health-conscious consumers choosing to moderate chocolate intake or move to a higher cocoa content. Is your content prepared for the shift?
  4. SEO
    28% of searches for something nearby result in a purchase.
  5. Mobile Web
    If your website is not already optimised for both desktop and mobile devices, it’s not too late to start improving; Mobile searches rise from an average of 22% to 38% right before Easter.